1011 'The Birthday Synchronicity' Press Release Posted December 13, 2016

1011 'The Birthday Synchronicity' Press Release

CBS has released the synopsis for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Birthday Synchronicity", which airs this Thursday, December 15.

"The Birthday Synchronicity"- Howard and Bernadette welcome their new baby and Sheldon and Amy celebrate Amy's birthday, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Dec. 15 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

This is the last original episode of 2016. The Big Bang Theory's tenth season will continue in January 2017.

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Olivia Canada, 20:04 Dec 23 2016.
I honestly like this episode very much!!!!!!!! Well done! Thanks and just to say I love all of these episodes!you do perfect!
Mario D. United States, 17:52 Dec 18 2016.
When ever they have a big build-up for an episode it never seems to measure up to the hype. While this episode had its funny moments it didn't quite grab me. Also, have become disenchanted with the way Raj and Stuart are portrayed. They seem to be buffoonish clowns now instead of solid characters. What was the point in having Stuart move back into Howardette's house? Just to show that Howard cannot handle fatherhood alone? Think the best scene was when they all admitted how far they have come from the first season
Laurette leFort Canada, 17:32 Dec 17 2016.
Will the baby be included in the shows, will we see the little one growing up?
Dawnylou United States, 17:57 Dec 16 2016.
This is our favorite show and we will be so sad when the end comes. Thanks for all the wonderful hours of entertainment.
mattsson-tholen Sweden, 16:40 Dec 16 2016.
Why are the writers so f-ing mean with Stuarts carracter? WHY are they so focust on making his life so utterly missrable? Just write him out if You don't like him. The first 2-3 sesons was realy funny and enjoyable but since season 5-6 all of tha carracters are just mean, petty little people. Especially Bernadette who have totalu emasculated Howard. WHY???
Rachel Heller United States, 22:36 Dec 15 2016.
I think that there will be at least a season 11.
Cindy Gonzales  United States, 20:53 Dec 15 2016.
Please don't end this show! We have watched this since the beginning and it is the highlight of our week! Please we can quote every episode!

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