Next Season

Will there be another season of The Big Bang Theory?

 Yes. CBS has already renewed the show for a twelfth season to air in 2018/19.

In March 2017, CBS renewed The Big Bang Theory for another two seasons, taking the show through to its twelfth season.

When will the next season air?

 Fall 2018

At its Upfront presentation in May 2018, CBS announced that The Big Bang Theory would keep its Thursdays at 8/7c time slot. This year, unlike the past four seasons, the show will not begin the season on Monday nights as CBS no longer has the rights to Thursday Night Football.

In January 2018 it was announced that the FOX network had won the rights to Thursday Night Football for the next five seasons, taking them away from CBS and NBC who had shared the rights in recent years. CBS had for the past four seasons started the show on Monday nights while it aired football on Thursday nights for the first five weeks of the season.

Young Sheldon will keep the Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c slot right after The Big Bang Theory as it returns for its second season.

Will there be a thirteenth season of The Big Bang Theory or is the show ending?

 It is too early to say. The show's future has not been confirmed, one way or another, past the twelfth season.

Reports in May 2018 suggest Warner Bros. and CBS are in discussions about extending the show past its twelfth season.

At its Upfront presentation in May 2018, CBS suggested it is hopeful for more seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Unveiling its fall line-up, the network did not promote the upcoming twelfth season as the show's final season.

The Big Bang Theory is still the top-rated sitcom on television and is an important part of CBS's line-up, but long-running shows do get more expensive to produce as they go on and this can lead to declining returns. TV viewing is falling across the board, hurting networks' ad revenues and their ability to pay high licensing fees for shows. Additionally, the financial incentives for a studio to produce more seasons at this point in a show's run are not as strong as they would be for a show in its early years which has only just been sold into syndication. The Big Bang Theory's hugely profitable run in syndication would not necessarily be aided by another season of episodes, as the studio is paid by the week - not by the episode.  

The show's cast have also recently indicated that they expect the show to end in the near future. The cast are only signed through to the twelfth season, meaning another renewal would require contract negotiations will all seven stars. A decision about ending the show could come from the cast or crew if they feel the show has run its course.

What about the eleventh season?

 It has now concluded.

The eleventh season finale aired Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Recent Developments

With the question of when The Big Bang Theory will end on fans' minds, the cast are often asked to address if the show is about to end. Here are some of the latest comments from interviews with the cast and crew:

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