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Quote from the episode The Love Car Displacement

Penny: You know, it is going to be difficult, but I'm going to cancel my plans so I can do this for my bestie.
Amy: Please don't touch my breasts.
Penny: I- I wasn't going to.
Amy: All right. I just want to establish boundaries.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Reverberation

Penny: You guys ready to get crazy?
Amy: Well, the bra under here ain't beige.

Quote from the episode The Countdown Reflection

Amy: No, no, no, this is not the wedding I wanted. I wanted to wear my maid of honor dress and walk down the aisle with a hundred eyes on me, while a string quartet plays The Way You Look Tonight.
Bernadette: That wasn't going to be our procession music.
Amy: Well, it was going to be mine.

Quote from the episode The Property Division Collision

Theodore: Excuse me. It's none of my business, but it sounds like a lot of this anger is coming from love.
Leonard: Yeah, thanks, but nobody asked you.
Theodore: Well, I'm just gonna keep on talking. Seems like, with Sheldon moving out, you're in a new phase of your lives and it's easier to fight than to face the feelings that you have for one another.
Amy: I think he might be right. Also, who is that?

Quote from the episode The Cognition Regeneration

Amy: What are you doing?
Sheldon: I'm returning this stuff to Howard.
Amy: Oh, Bernadette made me promise if you didn't want it, we'd give it to a homeless clown.

Quote from the episode The Love Car Displacement

Amy: So, girl talk?
Penny: Um, sure. What do you- what do you got in mind?
Amy: Do you subscribe to the Freudian theory of penis envy?
Penny: Um, I never really thought about it. Why?
Amy: Sometimes I think it might be nice to have one.
Penny: Really?
Amy: Not for sex, for convenience. You can't deny that, by comparison, our internal plumbing is extremely high maintenance.
Penny: Again, I've never given it much thought.
Amy: We have time now. Think about it.

Quote from the episode The Contractual Obligation Implementation

Penny: So blow off work and go on a weekday.
Amy: Hooky? I've never played hooky in my life. My mom said that's how girls end up addicted to reefer and jazz music.

Quote from the episode The Love Car Displacement

Bernadette: Thanks. I'll sleep on the floor.
Amy: Not necessary. Penny and I are perfectly comfortable sharing a bed.
Penny: We are?
Amy: Of course, we're best friends.
Penny: Oh, right, right, the blog.
Amy: Word of warning, though. I'm prone to night terrors, so if I wake up kicking and screaming, don't panic. Just pin me down and stroke my hair, and I'll be fine.

Quote from the episode The Cohabitation Experimentation

Amy: What would a theoretical physicist understand about an experiment anyway? I mean, you wouldn't know a confounding variable if two of them hit you in the face at the same time! And you don't even get that joke, 'cause you don't even work with confounding variables!

Quote from the episode The Love Car Displacement

Amy: Are we talking about women wanting penises? Because I'd like to weigh in.

Quote from the episode The Closure Alternative

Amy: Okay. Well, what I think is going on here is you have a pathological need for closure.
Sheldon: Oh, that's nonsense. I mean, you tell me stories about your day all the time. I don't care how they end.
Amy: You know, I might be able to help you with this. There's a whole field of behavioral neuroscience that examines ways to retrain your neural pathways so stuff like this bothers you less.
Sheldon: Yeah, but I just told you, I don't have a problem with closure.
Amy: You sure about that?
Sheldon: Oh, quite sure. (Amy performs a knocking pattern but stops before completing it. Sheldon finishes it off.) That proves nothing.

Quote from the episode The Proposal Proposal

Amy: This is my fiance, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. That's the first time I've said that and it kind of gave me the goose bumps.

Quote from the episode The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Amy: How was your shower?
Leonard: It was good, good. Just out of curiosity, what time do you usually go to bed?
Amy: Oh, I'm up all night. I'm like a possum.

Quote from the episode The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Penny: You're a brain scientist. Can you explain to me why a brilliant man likes playing with toy trains?
Amy: Not without cutting his head open, no.

Quote from the episode The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Amy: How about making my eyes like Cleopatra?
Penny: Really? For a wedding?
Amy: Perhaps you're right. My cheekbones and beckoning pelvis already have a certain hello sailor quality to them.

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