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Quote from the episode The Troll Manifestation

Penny: "So instead she asked if in the future Montana ever became a state."
Amy: Hey, in the 1800s that was considered flirting.

Quote from the episode The Cognition Regeneration

Amy: Okay, fine, let's say you never win a Nobel Prize. Let's say you spend your life doing solid scientific research surrounded by friends and loved ones who appreciate you, not for what you've accomplished but for who you are as a man. Wouldn't that be a life well-lived?
Sheldon: You're so cute. I'm going to go learn how to walk on stilts.
Amy: So many warnings.

Quote from the episode The Escape Hatch Identification

Sheldon: I know our apartment's small, but I think we can make room.
Amy: No, Sheldon. We are not getting a life-size Spider-Man statue.

Quote from the episode The Confirmation Polarization

President Siebert: I hope you know, with these new data supporting your theory, we could be looking at a Nobel-winning achievement.
Sheldon: And by "we," you mean "we," not "we."
President Siebert: "We," "we," whatever.
Amy: Whee!

Quote from the episode The Confirmation Polarization

Dr. Campbell: Well, this certainly is a thrill for us. Lunch with you two, and, uh, tomorrow, we're gonna see a taping of Ellen.
Dr. Pemberton: She's having John Stamos on. Uncle Jesse!
Amy: Sounds fun.

Quote from the episode The Convergence Convergence

Bernadette: Who's going to officiate?
Penny: I was kind of hoping you would.
Amy: Wait, now I'm just some lousy maid of honor?

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