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Quote from the episode The Discovery Dissipation

Sheldon: No, that's okay. I can fight my own battles. Isn't that right, Bawwy?
Barry Kripke: Is that a reference to my speech impediment? That's pretty hurtful. I can't control it.
Sheldon: You're right. That was uncalled for. I take it back.
Barry Kripke: Of course you do, because you're The Retractor!

Quote from the episode The Tenure Turbulence

Kripke: If you need my nose, you'll find it firmly lodged up the rectum of the tenure committee.

Quote from the episode The Tenure Turbulence

Barry Kripke: I'd love to babysit for you. Kids love me. Something about me just makes them waff and waff.

Quote from the episode The Rothman Disintegration

Sheldon: As you know, the essence of diplomacy is compromise. With that in mind, I propose the following: I will take Rothman's office... and you will find a way to be okay with that.
Barry Kripke: How about I take Rothman's office and you go suck a lemon?

Quote from the episode The Beta Test Initiation

Kripke: Siwi, can you wecommend a westauwant?
Siri: I'm sorry, Bawwy. I don't understand "wecommend a westauwant."

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