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Quote from the episode The Holographic Excitation

Howard: You're my wife. You're supposed to be on my side.
Bernadette: I'm always on your side.
Howard: Then why are you trying to take this away from me? Being an astronaut is the coolest thing I'm ever gonna do. If I stop talking about it, then I'm just...
Bernadette: Just what?
Howard: Just plain old Howard Wolowitz again.
Bernadette: Plain old Howard Wolowitz is the best guy I know.
Howard: You're just saying that.
Bernadette: No, I'm not. I married him. On purpose. Come here.
Howard: I love you.
Bernadette: I love you, too.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Reverberation

Penny: I can't believe you have to fill out a preschool application for an infant.
Raj: Uh, the one at Caltech has a crazy wait list. I warned you, a lot of people apply when they're still pregnant.
Bernadette: Well, I didn't. I also skipped a birthing class to see Zootopia, so back off.

Quote from the episode The Maternal Capacitance

Leonard: I think you'll find my work pretty interesting. I'm attempting to replicate the dark matter signal found in sodium iodide crystals by the Italians.
Beverly Hofstadter: So, no original research?
Leonard: No.
Beverly Hofstadter: Well, what's the point of my seeing it? I could just read the paper the Italians wrote.

Quote from the episode The Decoupling Fluctuation

Bernadette: Why don't you stand up to them?
Howard: What am I supposed to say?
Bernadette: I don't know. Say, being mean is lame, what's cool is being nice.

Quote from the episode The Geology Elevation

Howard: I've worked with Hawking. He's got a great sense of humor. And I think he'd like it.
Bernadette: Okay, call him and show him. I dare you.
Howard: I have no problem calling him.
Bernadette: Fine, then do it.
Howard: Fine, I will.
Bernadette: While you're bothering the world's most famous scientist, be sure to show him how funny he looks getting stuck under our dishwasher.

Quote from the episode The Dependence Transcendence

Bernadette: I should probably keep this in case we have a girl.
Raj: Oh, that's a nice one. Was it yours when you were little?
Bernadette: My dad built it for me.
Raj: Wow, it's so cute.
Bernadette: This was the husband and this was the wife. They'd go out on adventures together. Cruises, skiing, horseback riding. That was really me just duct taping them to our dog.
Raj: Oh, and did they have kids?
Bernadette: They did, but the mommy and daddy didn't like them, so they shipped them off to an orphanage I made out of a shoebox.
Raj: Yeah, that's not worrisome at all.

Quote from the episode The Russian Rocket Reaction

Howard: You're really quiet. Is everything okay?
Bernadette: Fine. Just a little tired.
Howard: I hope not too tired, because I'm feeling particularly masculine right now. All systems go, if you catch my drift.
Bernadette: I always catch your drift.

Quote from the episode The Russian Rocket Reaction

Howard: All right, well, something's obviously bugging you. What is it?
Bernadette: I just can't believe you signed up for the space program without even talking to me.
Howard: Oh, I get it. You're worried about me. That is so sweet. You know, there's a saying we have at NASA. What makes the right stuff so right is that it always comes home.
Bernadette: Just stop talking, Howard.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Reverberation

Raj: Like I said, you ladies have fun.
Bernadette: We will. Got my dancing shoes, got my breast pump. Let's party.
Penny: You know, if you pump at the bar, I promise we'll get free drinks.

Quote from the episode The Relaxation Integration

Ruchi: Well, moving to a new city was a little scary, but the job seems great. Everyone's really nice.
Bernadette: Oh, they are. Super nice. I mean, only one of them took you out tonight, but it's not a competition.

Quote from the episode The Proton Regeneration

Howard: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Raj: Really hurts, huh?
Bernadette: No. He's just saying, "Ow can these prices be so low?".

Quote from the episode The Scavenger Vortex

Bernadette: They're here first. This is because you made me slow down for that blind guy.

Quote from the episode The Russian Rocket Reaction

Howard: Do you realize what a big deal this is? What an honor it is to be chosen to go into space?
Bernadette: Yeah, I get it. I just wish you included me in the decision. We're supposed to be partners. We're supposed to be a team.
Howard: I'm sorry. You're right. Okay, let's try this again. Bernadette, an opportunity has come up that impacts both of us, and I'd like to discuss it.
Bernadette: Okay.
Howard: I've been offered a chance to go up to the International Space Station for three weeks. What are your thoughts on that?
Bernadette: Well, first of all, thank you for including me in the decision-making process.
Howard: Hey, we're a team. So, what do you think?
Bernadette: No.
Howard: No?
Bernadette: No.

Quote from the episode The Russian Rocket Reaction

Bernadette: I just did what I did because I love you so much, and the thought of losing you is more than I can handle.
Howard: Really?
Bernadette: You're my soul mate. This is where you kiss me.

Quote from the episode The Higgs Boson Observation

Bernadette: You're going to be fine. You survived that Weight Watchers cruise with your mom. And they ran out of low-fat ice cream on day two. Just calm down and take a few deep breaths.

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