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Quote from the episode The Reclusive Potential

Bernadette: Amy? Amy? Should we get her home?
Penny: Why? She's sound asleep, and we have sliders coming.
Bernadette: One more round!

Quote from the episode The Collaboration Contamination

Sheldon: And now they're working on a Saturday? Can you believe them? Like, is this how you envisioned your weekend?
Bernadette: No, it is not.

Quote from the episode The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Bernadette: What the hell is that?
Howard: Come on, you know this one. It's a dog. I found him in the backyard. And don't worry, I already called the owner.
Bernadette: Good, 'cause we don't need a dog. We already have two babies, you and Stuart.

Quote from the episode The Cohabitation Formulation

Howard: What's so funny?
Bernadette: Nothing. Just thinking about the noises people make during sex.
Howard: I do sometimes get a bit carried away, don't I?
Bernadette: It's cute. You sound a little like a drunken monkey. Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!
Howard: You know it's meant as a compliment.
Bernadette: That's how I take it.

Quote from the episode The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Bernadette: That's pretty big talk for a man with a closet full of magic tricks at his mother's house.

Quote from the episode The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

Bernadette: That's so cute. I didn't think there could be a smaller version of you.

Quote from the episode The Wildebeest Implementation

Howard: Okay, I'm still trying to work this out. How did Penny meet an astronaut?
Bernadette: I don't know. The regular way people meet astronauts.
Howard: Most of those guys live in Texas.
Bernadette: Obviously, this one doesn't.
Howard: Okay.
Bernadette: Leonard lives here. Priya's from India. People meet, Howard. God!
Howard: Fine.
Bernadette: You've met lots of astronauts, and I've never grilled you about that. I'd thank you to extend me the same courtesy.

Quote from the episode The Sibling Realignment

Amy: There aren't gonna be any wedding photos. My fiancee's a germophobe. If he finds out I'm contagious, he'll never come back from Texas.
Bernadette: What if we tell him the theme of the wedding is Walking Dead and this is our zombie makeup?
Amy: That'll probably work. We'll call that plan B.

Quote from the episode The Wildebeest Implementation

Leonard: I still can't get over the fact that she got a big movie part. Not that I care what my ex-girlfriend's up to, 'cause I don't.
Bernadette: Maybe that's where she met the astronaut, all right?
Priya: I'm sorry. What would an astronaut be doing working on a movie?
Bernadette: He's a consultant.
Leonard: I thought the movie was about 18th-century Vienna?
Bernadette: He can't have a hobby? Excuse me, I have to pee. Or is that implausible, as well?

Quote from the episode The Fetal Kick Catalyst

Howard: There's a baby in there.
Bernadette: Oh, yeah, that's where I put it.

Quote from the episode The Solder Excursion Diversion

Bernadette: Sometimes he solders at home with his shirt off. It's like a beer commercial.

Quote from the episode The Recombination Hypothesis

Bernadette: You can make-believe, though. Sometimes Howard and I pretend that his arrhythmia is acting up and I'm a sexy cardiologist. And the naughty part is I'm not in his HMO network.

Quote from the episode The Recombination Hypothesis

Bernadette: Relax, you know Leonard's always been crazy about you. It's gonna be great.
Penny: I know, but we've finally gotten to a place where we can hang out without it being weird. And what if something goes wrong? Then what?
Amy: Guess it'll just be Sheldon and me going on a double date with Howard and Bernadette.
Bernadette: Sure, we'd love that. (To Penny) Change your clothes, we got a lot riding on this.

Quote from the episode The Closet Reconfiguration

Bernadette: Just seeing that letter freaked him out. And he was already having a tough day, 'cause he accidentally wore my pants to work. I don't know why he was upset. They were bigger on him than me.

Quote from the episode The Military Miniaturization

Amy: Hi. Howard told me you were working late, so I brought dinner.
Bernadette: Oh, thanks. You know, I just wanted to get some work done without people congratulating me about the baby every five minutes.
Amy: I spent my day alone in the lab waiting for a rat to die of anthrax.
Bernadette: Did you come here to bring me dinner or to gloat?

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