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Quote from the episode The Procreation Calculation

Penny: Hang on, why is it crazy to say I might not want kids?
Bernadette: Oh, it's not crazy. It's just wrong. You only think you don't want kids, but once you have kids, you'll realize that you did want them.
Penny: Or I don't want them, so I won't have them, so back off.
Bernadette: Aw, you sound just like me before I became a mom and learned what the meaning of love was.
Penny: Wow, I cannot believe how condescending you're being.
Bernadette: Look, I know it's scary, but you're gonna be a great mom.
Penny: I know I'd be great, but the point is I don't want to be one.
Bernadette: Maybe you wouldn't be great. You kind of got a temper.

Quote from the episode The Fetal Kick Catalyst

Bernadette: I don't want to drive that. It's such a mom car.
Howard: The guy at the dealership said they're not just for moms anymore.
Raj: Then again, he did think you were my husband.
Bernadette: They thought it at the ultrasound. Why not at the car dealership?

Quote from the episode The Holiday Summation

Penny: They told Mary they were living together, there was a fight, he got his feelings hurt, then he put underwear on his head-
Leonard: On purpose, not the way it used to happen in high school.
Sheldon: I was acting odd intentionally.
Bernadette: Really? So you can control it?

Quote from the episode The Tesla Recoil

Bernadette: That bitch.
Howard: Oh, come on, he means well. He's just trying to impress his girlfriend.
Bernadette: I'm talking about Ruchi. She's after my job. Why do you think she said, "Take all the time you need"?
Howard: Because she was being nice?
Bernadette: No, she's trying to steal my projects while I'm at home taking care of this useless plant and my dumb family.

Quote from the episode The Collaboration Contamination

Howard: She was talking about me, Sheldon. I'm perfectly qualified.
Bernadette: Yeah, Howie's the world's best engineer. It says so right on his coffee mug.
Penny: Aw, you got him a mug?
Raj: I did. But it's not a competition.
Bernadette: Yeah, I lost that battle years ago.

Quote from the episode The Recollection Dissipation

Bernadette: Plus, I think I'm setting a good example for Halley, to show her that women can be mothers and still have satisfying careers. Sure, she won't know where I went or if I'm ever coming back. That'll just make the ten minutes between when I get home (voice breaking) and her bedtime even more special.

Quote from the episode The Confidence Erosion

Penny: This was a good idea. It's been a long time since we've had girls' night.
Amy: Yeah, it's so nice to have a relaxing evening at home doing nothing.
Bernadette: Yeah, really breaks up the other 30 days I've spent on bed rest doing nothing.

Quote from the episode The Proton Regeneration

Bernadette: Where are you going?
Howard: Gift shop.
Bernadette: There is no gift shop. Sit down.

Quote from the episode The Relaxation Integration

Raj: Hello. Rajesh.
Stuart: Stuart.
Ruchi: Hi. Ruchi.
Bernadette: Ruchi is my coworker. But that was probably in your briefing packet.

Quote from the episode The Troll Manifestation

Amy: Why? What did I do?
Bernadette: I'm sorry. I had to get the spotlight off me, and tearing down other women is part of my pageant training.

Quote from the episode The Collaboration Contamination

Bernadette: Howard's not here.
Raj: Oh, I know, he's been in the lab every night this week with his work wife.
Bernadette: That's weird, I thought his work wife was standing in my kitchen.

Quote from the episode The Celebration Reverberation

Bernadette: Halley's awake and ready for her party!
Howard: Be right up!
Penny: Ooh, I want to see the birthday girl.
Raj: I'd love to see her.
Bernadette: Walk slow. It takes a while to get this bra back on.

Quote from the episode The Geology Methodology

Raj: I mean, Ruchi's nice. We're just so different.
Howard: I know. Sometimes when you're dating, you meet weird people.
Bernadette: I once met a girl who didn't like juggling. And she still doesn't.

Quote from the episode The Toast Derivation

Amy: Outstanding. And if we fail, we can always stop at CVS and pick you out a nice toothbrush. I call mine Gerard.
Bernadette: That's a bit sad.

Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Stuart: Well, that's it.
Bernadette: I guess so.
Stuart: This is weird.
Howard: Yeah, a grown man moving into his own apartment. Crazy times. See ya!
Bernadette: Ignore him. He's just using humor to express how ... happy he is.
Stuart: It's okay. I know he loves me.
Bernadette: Sure he does.

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