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Quote from the episode The Benefactor Factor

Leonard: Are you sure this is right?
Penny: Yeah, just tuck that part in your pants; you'll be fine.
Howard: Okay, let's go smooch some rich, wrinkled tuckus.

Quote from the episode The Terminator Decoupling

Howard: You're overlooking something. I have 11 hours with her in a confined space. Unless she#s willing to jump off a moving train, tuck and roll down the side of a hill, she will eventually succumb to the acquired taste that is Howard Wolowitz.

Quote from the episode The Athenaeum Allocation

Bernadette: Why is Raj asleep on our couch?
Howard: Oh. I needed some help so he came by, played with the kids, read them some stories, put them down for their nap and made dinner.
Bernadette: What'd you do?
Howard: Ate dinner.

Quote from the episode The Higgs Boson Observation

Howard: Well, remember the Soyuz capsule they were sending to bring us home?
Bernadette: Uh huh.
Howard: It's delayed. We're gonna be here for at least another week. Maybe ten days. It's the Russians, so you don't know. They left dogs up here in the sixties.

Quote from the episode The Terminator Decoupling

Sheldon: I'm confused. I thought you were involved in some sort of socially intimate pairing with Leslie Winkle.
Howard: Sheldon, let me explain to you how this works.
Sheldon: All right.
Howard: That's Summer Glau.
Sheldon: Yes.
Howard: That's it.

Quote from the episode The Hot Troll Deviation

Howard: How have you been?
Bernadette: Okay. You know, busy, school, work. You?
Howard: Same. I took a scuba-diving course over the summer, but it turns out I'm terrified of the ocean.
Bernadette: Too bad.
Howard: You wouldn't know anybody who wants to buy a wet suit, boy's large? Yeah, forget it. Not important.

Quote from the episode The Athenaeum Allocation

Howard: Well, I love the kids, but I also love my job. And sleep.
Bernadette: I know. I took a two-hour nap on the couch in my office.
Howard: I took a three-hour nap on the floor in the living room.
Bernadette: How do you feel now?
Howard: Honestly? Still tired.
Bernadette: Me, too.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Reverberation

Leonard: Okay. This is everything he had on the board. I'm sure we can figure the rest out.
Howard: All right. (clears throat) Hmm. Feel free to jump in. "Hmm" is all I got.

Quote from the episode The Hot Troll Deviation

Howard: Okay, fine. I'll admit, there are dark, sordid little corners of the Internet where the name Wolowizard is whispered in hushed tones. But the only reason I go there, the only reason I've ever gone there is because I don't have a real woman in my life. You happy?

Quote from the episode The Athenaeum Allocation

Howard: Everyone's asleep. You want to head upstairs and (giggles) you know.
Bernadette: Let's just do it right here.
Howard: Oh, oh, I like the way you think. [They move a plate away, and both put their heads down to sleep]

Quote from the episode The Bozeman Reaction

Leonard: You know what? Let's just get a pizza.
Sheldon: Good idea. We'll go to Corleone's.
Howard: Sure, no mobsters there.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Reverberation

Leonard: We can get this. Is there any chance it's upside-down?
Howard: Maybe we can find another theoretical physicist to help us.
Leonard: It's classified. If we tell anyone, we'd get in trouble.
Howard: Hey, I came up with that and "hmm." You haven't pitched anything.

Quote from the episode The Dependence Transcendence

Leonard: I'm gonna get some coffee. You want some?
Sheldon: Uh, you're really going to have caffeine in front of me when I'm trying to get my life back on track?
Leonard: Uh, okay, let's pretend you do have a problem.
Sheldon: I do.
Leonard: You don't.
Sheldon: Yeah, but I do.
Leonard: No, you don't! But let's say you do. And don't say you do, because you don't! Now, wouldn't you think that throwing yourself into your work would be the best way to deal with it?
Sheldon: With what?
Leonard: Your problem.
Sheldon: I thought I didn't have a problem.
Howard: That was painful to watch.

Quote from the episode The Proton Regeneration

Penny: Hi, guys. Wanted to check in and see how you two were doing.
Bernadette: We're okay.
Howard: Yeah, hanging out in bed with my wife, thawing out some frozen peas in my pants-- living the dream.

Quote from the episode The Vegas Renormalization

Raj: What happened with Leslie, why did she dump you?
Howard: I don't know. She just said Howard, momma's a rolling stone. And then her call waiting beeped and she was gone.
Sheldon: I don't understand. If you were in a non-emotional relationship then why are you having what appears be an emotional response?
Leonard: Sheldon, he obviously had feelings for her.
Howard: Of course I had feelings for her, I saw her naked for God's sake!

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