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Quote from the episode The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Leonard: I've been offering to show you around for a year and a half. You always said you had yoga.
Penny: I never said that.
Leonard: Maybe I heard you wrong. A lot of words sound like yoga.

Quote from the episode The Re-Entry Minimization

Amy: All right, let's keep it simple. How about darts?
Sheldon: No, that's not fair either.
Penny: Why not?
Sheldon: Darts is a bar game. You've been frequenting drinking establishments since you were of legal age.
Leonard: Yeah, that's when it started.

Quote from the episode The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Leonard: Oh, then I think you'll appreciate what I got you.
Penny: Okay. 101 Totally Cool Science Experiments for Kids.
Leonard: You know, 'cause you're so into science.

Quote from the episode The Fermentation Bifurcation

Howard: Okay, then. Geez, how much wine did you drink?
Leonard: Not a lot. I just couldn't start until you walked away.

Quote from the episode The Bus Pants Utilization

Penny: Hi. I'm sorry to bother you guys, but you've got to come take your Sheldon back.
Leonard: What's he doing in your apartment?
Penny: Well, he was moping down in the lobby, so I invited him over and now I regret it.
Leonard: Why do you regret - Uh, never mind, stupid question.

Quote from the episode The Re-Entry Minimization

Sheldon: Hurry up, find him, find him.
Leonard: I'm trying. Don't yell at me.
Sheldon: For goodness' sake, he's wearing a hat, glasses, and a red striped shirt.
Leonard: I know what he looks like.
Amy: Oh, there he is, I got him.
Penny: Yes, we win again.
Sheldon: How could you not find him?
Leonard: Because he's hard to find. If he was easy to find, the books would be called There's Waldo!

Quote from the episode The Long Distance Dissonance

Raj: She's clearly having a working lunch and preferred to eat alone.
Ramona Nowitzki: Dr. Cooper, over here.
Raj: I could have made her very happy.
Leonard: You kept walking. I think you did.

Quote from the episode The Wheaton Recurrence

Leonard: All right, maybe I overreacted. So we're in two different places emotionally. So what? And maybe I'm a little ahead of you. That's fine. You know. In fact, it makes sense, 'cause let's face it, I've been in this relationship two years longer than you.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Interruption

Sheldon: Of course it's not a big deal to you. You idolize me and nothing could knock me off that pedestal you put me on.
Leonard: It's true. You are a God to me.

Quote from the episode The Mommy Observation

Amy: Should you really be sitting in Sheldon's spot?
Raj: He's in Texas, he'll never know.
Penny: Wouldn't be so sure about that.
Leonard: Yeah, he has a very sensitive butt. Look, it's true. Once I saw him sit on a bunch of loose change and add it up.

Quote from the episode The Platonic Permutation

Leonard: Next we need a teaspoon of pepper, which, I believe, was also the name of your childhood dog.

Quote from the episode The Valentino Submergence

Penny: This is ridiculous. You know, I'm gonna go talk to the matre d'.
Leonard: What are you gonna say?
Penny: I don't know. I'm ... I'm gonna flirt with him.
Leonard: I don't know if I'm comfortable with that.
Penny: I'm still sleeping with you tonight.
Leonard: See if you can get a table by the window.

Quote from the episode The Celebration Experimentation

Howard: You have any idea what you're getting Sheldon for his birthday?
Raj: He's been fascinated with dinosaurs lately. Maybe we could get him a fossil.
Leonard: Well, just don't get anything Jurassic. He feels like that whole chunk of time has gone Hollywood.

Quote from the episode The Conjugal Conjecture

Penny: Okay, Beverly, aren't you overreacting a little? All we know is they shared a cab and had a nightcap.
Sheldon: And turned their phones off.
Leonard: Not helping, buddy!

Quote from the episode The Romance Recalibration

Leonard: Damn. I burped so hard, I died in my game.

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