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Quote from the episode The Classified Materials Turbulence

Howard: (talking on the phone) Yes, sir, I understand classified. We'll keep it all classified, no one has to know but you and me.
Penny: What's classified?
Leonard: Howard's space toilet. I'll tell you later.

Quote from the episode The Einstein Approximation

Penny: Toad of truth? Is that a physics thing?
Leonard: No, that's a crazy thing.

Quote from the episode The Allowance Evaporation

Leonard: (To Raj) Dig deep! Like when we bet you couldn't fit into Howard's pants!

Quote from the episode The Cognition Regeneration

Sheldon: I've been thinking about our recent humiliation.
Leonard: You're gonna have to be more specific.
Sheldon: At the hands of those teenagers.
Leonard: More.
Sheldon: Boy teenagers.
Leonard: Oh, the video game. Yeah, that was bad.

Quote from the episode The Classified Materials Turbulence

Penny: Leonard, could you pass the soy sauce, please?
Leonard: I'm sorry, were you talking to me?
Penny: Yeah, I said Leonard.
Leonard: Yes, you did, didn't you?

Quote from the episode The Cohabitation Experimentation

Leonard: Star Trek: The Original Series. The Enterprise was on a five-year mission to explore new worlds. Think of this as your personal five-week mission to do the same.
Sheldon: If you want to lure me in with sexy talk, that's how you do it.
*Leonard smiles at Penny*
Penny: Don't be proud of that.

Quote from the episode The Separation Triangulation

Raj: Space is the mirror of the soul. Are we looking beyond, or are we looking within?
Leonard: I'm looking at my shoes. This is making me a little motion sick.

Quote from the episode The Countdown Reflection

Penny: Okay, I'll go. Howard and Bernadette, I know you two planned on getting married in a big fancy wedding, but when you're in love, it doesn't matter where or how these things happen. It just matters that you have each other.
Leonard: Hmm.
Penny: Problem?
Leonard: No.
Sheldon: I think the Reverend Hofstadter is making an ironic connection between your statement about love and your rejection of his proposal in the bedroom.
Penny: Oh, grow up.

Quote from the episode The Property Division Collision

Sheldon: Well, Leonard, you know, who should keep this? On the one hand, I love Mr. Spock more than you do. On the other hand, I care more about clocks than you do.
Leonard: So you think you should keep it?
Sheldon: I'll be right across the hall. You'll probably be able to hear it.
Leonard: Keep the clock, Sheldon.
Penny: Thank you.
Amy: Thank you?

Quote from the episode The Jerusalem Duality

Howard: (Entering the apartment) Is he here?
Leonard: If he were, I wouldn't be.

Quote from the episode The Solo Oscillation

Leonard: Too bad, you guys kill at bar mitzvahs. And other events that people can't leave.

Quote from the episode The Classified Materials Turbulence

Leonard: Just think. Thanks to your hard work, an international crew of astronauts will boldly go where no man has gone before.

Quote from the episode The Einstein Approximation

Leonard: Sheldon took our order.
Penny: Sheldon doesn't work here.
Leonard: Well, honey, not to complain, but we were starting to think you didn't either.

Quote from the episode The Psychic Vortex

Howard: Listen, before we leave, I should warn you, I'm a passionate man and I tend towards public displays of affection.
Leonard: What are you trying to tell me, Howard?
Howard: There might be some making out in the car or the restaurant, and I don't want Bernadette to feel uncomfortable, so it would help if you and Penny made out, too.
Leonard: Don't worry. We're planning to have sex right on the salad bar.

Quote from the episode The Jerusalem Duality

Leonard: He'll never be able to cope with the fact that some fifteen year-old kid is smarter and more accomplished than he is.
Raj: Well, what if something were to happen to this boy so he was no longer a threat to Sheldon?
Howard: Then our problem would be solved.
Leonard: Hang on, are we talking about murdering Dennis Kim? ... I'm not saying no.

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