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Quote from the episode The Love Spell Potential

Penny: Fifteen's the point, the point is fifteen. Give the little lady some room. Here it is, coming out. Sixteen! Yes! Oh, please tell me we're playing for money.
Sheldon: Oh, even better than money. You gained experience points.
Penny: More potion, please.

Quote from the episode The Vartabedian Conundrum

Penny: I mean, what have women said to you when they wanted to slow a relationship down?
Leonard: I really like you, but I want to see how things go with Mark?
Penny: Yeah, that'll slow it down.

Quote from the episode The Terminator Decoupling

Penny: Oh, I love San Francisco. I wish I was going with you.
Sheldon: I understand your envy. This is a can't miss symposium. There are going to be discussions on bio-organic cellular computer devices, the advancements in multi-threaded task completion, plus a round table on the non-equilibrium Green's function approach to the photoionization process in atoms.
Penny: When I go, I usually just get hammered and ride the cable cars.

Quote from the episode The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

Penny: He just didn't really challenge me on an intellectual level.
Bernadette: Couldn't you just fool around with him and then listen to NPR?
Penny: Wouldn't help. Zack couldn't even spell NPR.

Quote from the episode The Love Spell Potential

Leonard: All right, Amy, there's one ogre left. Take him out.
Amy: Okay.
Penny: Pretend he's that TSA agent. Come on.
Amy: Nineteen. Yes, this is turning out to be even better than Vegas.
Penny: No, it's not.

Quote from the episode The Separation Agitation

Penny: You know, on our first date, Leonard used a coupon to buy me a pretzel.
Leonard: And we lived happily ever after.
Penny: The end.

Quote from the episode The Dependence Transcendence

Bert: Well, I guess this is kind of a bust. You don't have to stay. I'm gonna start cleaning up.
Penny: Okay.
Amy: I feel so bad about leaving him here.
Penny: Oh, it's funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you.

Quote from the episode The Hot Troll Deviation

Howard: I just have a question. Does Bernadette ever talk about me?
Penny: Oh, absolutely.
Howard: She does?
Penny: Yeah, sure. Just yesterday, she asked, why is Howard hiding under the table?
Howard: She saw that, huh?
Penny: Oh, no, not at first. Right after I pointed it out.

Quote from the episode The Dependence Transcendence

Bert: Hey, listen, could you not say anything about this to the people at the university? You know, 'cause you're you and I'm me, and it's kind of embarrassing.
Penny: Wait, what do you mean "she's her"?
Bert: Well, you know how Amy's the coolest girl on campus, right?
Penny: No.
Amy: No.
Bert: Oh yeah, everybody thinks so.
Penny: What? You tell me about your foot fungus, but this is a secret?

Quote from the episode The Russian Rocket Reaction

Penny: Well, that, that's good. I'm glad you came to that. But before you do, let me just ask you a big picture question.
Bernadette: What?
Penny: Are you a hundred percent positive you love and want to marry Howard Wolowitz?
Bernadette: I do, with all my heart.
Penny: Got it. Just had to check.

Quote from the episode The Hot Troll Deviation

Penny: Hey, while we're on the subject, why did you guys break up anyway?
Howard: Oh, I'd rather not say.
Penny: Howard, if you want my help, I've got to know what happened.
Howard: But it's embarrassing.
Penny: Yeah, that's what I'm counting on.

Quote from the episode The Hot Troll Deviation

Howard: Well, you know World of Warcraft?
Penny: Um, the online game? Sure.
Howard: Well, did you know that the characters in the game can have sex with each other?
Penny: Oh, God. I think I see where this is going.
Howard: Her name was Glacinda the Troll. Bernadette walked in on me while we were doing the cyber-nasty under the Bridge of Souls.
Penny: Oh, you're right. That is so embarrassing.
Howard: Would you talk to her?
Penny: Bernadette or the troll?

Quote from the episode The Euclid Alternative

Leonard: Okay, now, what you want to do first is turn on the ignition and shift into drive.
Sheldon: I haven't fastened my seat belt yet.
Leonard: Okay, fasten your seat belt.
Sheldon: Click. Now, are there air bags?
Leonard: You don't need air bags.
Sheldon: What if a simulated van rear-ends me?
Penny: I'll hit you in the face with a pillow.

Quote from the episode The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

Leonard: I'm not going anywhere. Penny and I are very happy living together. Isn't that right?
Penny: It's like the happiness won't ever leave the apartment.

Quote from the episode The Work Song Nanocluster

Sheldon: Alright, let me put it this way. Your gross receipts on this one order will be over $3,000 for one night's work.
Penny: You guys get started.
Leonard: What are you doing?
Penny: Going online to buy shoes!

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