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Quote from the episode The Re-Entry Minimization

Penny: Hey, Sheldon, you're always full of fun little facts. Where did the expression get your ass handed to you come from?
Sheldon: Don't know.
Penny: I wonder if it's from like ancient Rome where they'd actually chop somebody's ass off and then go, here. You know, to appease Loseroneous, the God of losers.

Quote from the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Leonard: Hi.
Penny: Hey, how'd it go?
Leonard: Oh, great. Dr. Gallo is terrific. You know, I-I've always been insecure that no one cares about what I have to say, but she made me see-
Penny: Yeah, no one cares. Did you help me out or not?

Quote from the episode The Cohabitation Experimentation

Amy: I don't think I slept two minutes last night.
Penny: Yeah, get it, girl. It's not what you think.
Leonard: I feel like I pulled something. Why didn't you tell me to stop?
Penny: Even more not what you think.

Quote from the episode The Emotion Detection Automation

Sheldon: Well, I would prefer if people told me exactly what is on their mind.
Penny: No. No, you don't, you really don't. I actually can't say "don't" enough.

Quote from the episode The Comic-Con Conundrum

Penny: (To Raj) Hey, if you're still looking to make money, I will pay you to burn that jacket.

Quote from the episode The Escape Hatch Identification

Penny: So, relax. We're happy to have you.
Raj: Thank you, but how do I know you're not saying that just to be nice?
Penny: Do you actually pay for that haircut?
Raj: That'll do it.

Quote from the episode The Matrimonial Metric

Leonard: Hey, what you making?
Penny: Uh, well, I spilled the cheese packet, so we're having mac and nothing.
Leonard: Oh, yeah, I'll just have the mac. "Nothing" gives me gas.

Quote from the episode The Conference Valuation

Penny: I think things are going pretty good.
Bernadette: Are you aware that Dave's in the break room crying?
Penny: Yeah, I told him if he's gonna be a crybaby, go to the break room.

Quote from the episode The Monopolar Expedition

Sheldon: I need access to the Cheesecake Factory's walk-in freezer.
Penny: Now, honey, I already told you, the hamburger meat is fresh and stored at a safe temperature.

Quote from the episode The Staircase Implementation

Leonard: Not only did Sheldon save my life, he didn't rat me out to the landlord. Or the police. Or Homeland Security.
Penny: Okay, so, basically, you're the reason I have to walk up and down three flights of stairs every day?

Quote from the episode The Confirmation Polarization

Leonard: I am so proud of you.
Penny: Well, I know how to do the dishes. Just, sometimes I'm tired.
Leonard: No, I-I mean, I'm proud of how well you're doing at work. Are you even using soap?
Penny: Do you want to do this?
Leonard: Yeah, I really do.

Quote from the episode The Prestidigitation Approximation

Penny: Hey, did he tell you I saved the silk shirt?
Priya: No, he did not.
Penny: He was gonna throw it in the washing machine with his Spider-man underwear. That's our Lenny, huh?
Priya: Yes, that's our Lenny.

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