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Quote from the episode The Cohabitation Experimentation

Howard: So you know the sex of our baby, and we don't?!
Raj: Flip a coin. You got a fifty-fifty shot.

Quote from the episode The Cohabitation Experimentation

Raj: This is not a problem, okay? If you don't want to know, I don't have to tell you.
Bernadette: We don't want you to know!
Raj: Okay, well, that's a problem.

Quote from the episode The Paintball Scattering

Anu: This should be fun. I've never played before.
Raj: Oh, fair warning, it can get pretty ugly out there.
Anu: Okay, well, remember, I'm your fiancee.
Raj: Oh, I remember. Do you?

Quote from the episode The Allowance Evaporation

Raj: This morning, I fired my dog walker.
Howard: Oh. How's the dog gonna go to the bathroom?
Raj: Uh, I gave her an Imodium. That's tomorrow's problem.

Quote from the episode The Gates Excitation

Howard: We're not doing anything wrong. We're just hanging out in a hotel lobby. Plenty of people do that: businessmen, high-end prostitutes.
Raj: That's a fun new game, CEO or Ho.

Quote from the episode The Escape Hatch Identification

Raj: Hey, what's it like sharing a bathroom with Penny? Is there hair everywhere? Does she use your loofah?
Penny: I don't have a loofah.
Raj: Okay, well, if I move in, you can't use mine.

Quote from the episode The Positive Negative Reaction

Raj: Groundbreaking revelations, tropical drinks. Tell me this isn't like the best episode of Sex and the City.

Quote from the episode The Monetary Insufficiency

Raj: You just have to wait for science to catch up or technology to get cheaper. Think about, uh, DVD players. They used to cost, like, a thousand dollars, but just the other day I used one to smash a bug.

Quote from the episode The Novelization Correlation

Leonard: Well, I have to finish writing it before they can make it into a movie, and I still have a few things to figure out.
Howard: You should talk to Bernadette. Since she's been on bed rest, she's binged, like, every detective show in the world.
Raj: Oh, there was a funny detective show in India called Karamchand. He had an assistant named Kitty, and he was always saying, "Shut up, Kitty!" Sounds less mean if you say it in Hindi and don't think of women as having feelings.

Quote from the episode The Tenant Disassociation

Raj: We should name it.
Howard: The drone, or your stupid robot show?
Raj: The drone. The show's already got a name, General Bot-spital.

Quote from the episode The Separation Agitation

Raj: Can't believe Bert has a girlfriend and I don't.
Amy: I thought you were taking a break from women to focus on your career.
Raj: Oh, grow up.

Quote from the episode The Matrimonial Metric

Howard: Uh-oh. They gave us plain rice instead of fried rice.
Raj: Well, no fair! I SoulCycled this morning. I'm entitled to a pile of fat rice.

Quote from the episode The Change Constant

Amy: Raj, please, not now.
Raj: Hey, what's wrong?
Amy: My picture's all over the Internet, and I look terrible.
Raj: No. Let me see. Well, that is an unfortunate angle. But who cares? You just won the Nobel. You should be proud of this moment.
Amy: I know I shouldn't care about how I look, and I never thought I did. It-It's stupid and shallow, but I just can't help it. Am I really this frumpy?
Raj: No. No, you are a beautiful woman. By the way, if you're not happy with those pictures, then make some changes. Get a haircut, new clothes, new glasses, big glasses - No glasses, then you won't be able to see those pictures.

Quote from the episode The Monetary Insufficiency

Howard: Hey. Missed you guys at the faculty mixer.
Raj: Ah, you should have been there; dessert was bananas. Sorry, that was misleading. The dessert was pie, but the pie was bananas. Actually, the pie was cherry, but the taste of the pie was bananas.

Quote from the episode The Large Hadron Collision

Sheldon: This is incredible! I'm so happy, I'm not even going to question their judgment in picking you. I'm just going to run home and start packing.
Raj: Why wouldn't you take Penny?
Leonard: I am taking Penny.
Raj: Oh. Well, then I anticipate an awkward situation when you get home.

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