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Quote from the episode The Veracity Elasticity

Sheldon: Are you going to confront Penny?
Leonard: Eventually, I guess. Although, I am kind of curious how long she thinks she can keep hiding my stuff without me knowing.
Sheldon: Hmm. You know, perhaps instead of confronting them, we should see how far they're willing to spin their tangled webs. Like that Spider-Man action figure that used to be on your desk.
Leonard: Oh my God, I'm going blind.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Reverberation

Sheldon: Oh, hey. If you knocked, I couldn't hear you. I'm welding this locomotive engine. And if you didn't knock, how about some manners?

Quote from the episode The Comic-Con Conundrum

Leonard: I even said "off the chain mail," and she still wants to go.
Sheldon: That's probably my fault. She may have heard about my cool Dumbledore costume.

Quote from the episode The Collaboration Fluctuation

Sheldon: Amy is studying the time lag between intent and awareness, and I realized that applies to the measurement problem in quantum mechanics. Now, I recognize there will be a time lag between me saying that and you Googling what it means, so I'll wait.
Leonard: I understand it, Sheldon.
Raj: Yeah, me, too.
Howard: I'm sorry, I spaced. Are we still talking about the spoon?

Quote from the episode The Collaboration Contamination

Sheldon: It is a big deal. Howard's getting Amy used to laughing and listening to music. What if she expects that madness at home?

Quote from the episode The Celebration Reverberation

Sheldon: Although I-
Raj: It's me, Sheldon. He-He's calling me a baby.
Sheldon: No, I don't know. I saw Leonard put his keys in his mouth today.

Quote from the episode The Neonatal Nomenclature

Leonard: Some people name their kids after places.
Howard: Like what, Walla Walla Wolowitz?
Sheldon: If you think that is better than Ozymandias Wolowitz, then you have been breathing in the poisonous gas that my troops illegally dispersed.

Quote from the episode The Conjugal Configuration

Amy: Sheldon, do we really have to do this on a schedule?
Sheldon: Are you suggesting spontaneity?
Amy: I guess, yeah.
Sheldon: So, now that we're married, sex can occur at any time? Like, we can be brushing our teeth, and suddenly your minty-fresh tongue is in my mouth? No, thank you.

Quote from the episode The D & D Vortex

Leonard: Sheldon, why are you walking everywhere?
Sheldon: Just get a horse. I had a horse. It got hit by a train.
Leonard: Get another one.
Sheldon: I can't just replace Chauncey. I'm still in the grieving process.

Quote from the episode The Raiders Minimization

Sheldon: If I'd known this was about time travel, I'd have watched this much sooner.

Quote from the episode The Locomotion Interruption

Sheldon: No, I'm not okay. I'm wearing borrowed pants, I don't have ID, and one of the officers here won't stop calling me chicken legs.

Quote from the episode The Terminator Decoupling

Sheldon: Leonard, let me tell you something. Personal robots cannot get here soon enough.

Quote from the episode The Friendship Turbulence

Sheldon: Oh apple juice stay where you are.

Quote from the episode The Hofstadter Isotope

Sheldon: Just pick out anything? Maybe at the same time we can pick out a new suit for him without knowing his size, or pick out his career for him without knowing his attitude, or pick out a new breakfast cereal without knowing his fiber requirements or his feelings about little marshmallows.

Quote from the episode The Dependence Transcendence

Sheldon: I am facing a great deal of work. And I do like things better when famous people also like them.

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