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Quote from Penny in the episode The Separation Triangulation

Leonard: Uh, Sheldon, what are you doing?
Sheldon: Oh, I was just checking in on my old room to see what you've done with it.
Penny: Why?
Sheldon: Well, I could use a place to work in the evenings, and-
Leonard: No.
Sheldon: Well, it's just that there's not a lot of space in our apartment-
Penny: No.
Sheldon: Well, and I feel like Amy's been having-
Leonard: No.
Sheldon: And since you're not-
Penny: No.
Sheldon: It's-
Leonard: No.
Penny: (Sheldon starts to speak) No.
Leonard: That is our room now, and we're gonna turn it into a gym.
Sheldon: Do you really expect me to believe that?
Leonard: No.
Penny: No.

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