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Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Meteorite Manifestation

Nathan: Well, how can I help you?
Sheldon: If I know someone in violation of the building code, should I turn them in?
Nathan: Interesting question.
Sheldon: Yeah, I know. Because, on the one hand, Confucius says we owe a greater responsibility to people we're close with rather than to society at large. But, on the other hand, Socrates says that we're obligated to obey all laws, even unjust ones.
And then, furthermore, if we're entertaining rules about when it's okay to break the rules, I should-- where does it end?
Nathan: Well, for me, it ends at 5:00.
Sheldon: Well, I just-- I don't know what to do.
Nathan: All I can tell you is that the building codes are there for everyone's safety.
Sheldon: Oh, so you're saying I have no choice but to turn them in.
Nathan: I did not say that.
Sheldon: But would you? And remember that I laughed at your "zone zone" joke.
Linda: It's not even a joke!
Sheldon: Oh, is that Linda back there?
Nathan: Yeah.
Sheldon: Aw. How are her hot flashes? Any better?

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