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Quote from Howard in the episode The Maternal Conclusion

Howard: Raj! Stop! [panting]
Raj: What? What are you doing here?
Howard: Look if you're getting on that plane because you love Anu and you can't stand the thought of spending another day without her then go. If not then stay here with the people who love you.
Raj: But what if this is my last chance at marriage and family?
Howard: I promise you it's not. Believe me, somewhere out there is a woman who loves cooking shows and sweater vests and all the other dumb things you love.
Raj: You really think so?
Howard: Yes. And I don't think she's waiting for you in England. When you propose to someone in Notting Hill it should be to someone who knows what that movie is.
Raj: Are you saying you're just a boy standing in front of another boy saying you don't want him to leave?
Howard: Sure.

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