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Quote from Howard in the episode The Positive Negative Reaction

Howard: Morning.
Bernadette: Morning.
Howard: "We"? What is this?
Bernadette: I don't know. Maybe it says something on the back.
Howard: "Continued on milk." If you're tricking me into making my own breakfast, it didn't work for my mom, and it won't work for you.
"We are ... see spoons for more."
Bernadette: What could it be? "We are Groot?" "We are the champions?" "We are family, I got all my sisters with me?"
Howard: Are you serious?
Bernadette: Yeah.
Howard: Are you sure?
Bernadette: Pretty positive. That's a joke, because the pregnancy test says-
Howard: Oh, my God. This is incredible.
We're gonna be parents.
We're gonna get to board planes first.
We're finally gonna get to see what's in that family bathroom at the mall.

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