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Quote from Amy in the episode The Veracity Elasticity

Penny: So, what's the deal with your apartment? Why's it taking so long?
Amy: Um, it was a drywall problem.
Penny: Oh, no, what happened?
Amy: Well, the drywall got wet, and you do not want wet drywall because when drywall gets wet, it's really more-
Penny: Wet wall?
Amy: Or damp wall, just as bad.
Penny: Mm. So why don't they just get more drywall?
Amy: Well, they went to get some, but the woman at the wall store said it was going on sale and they should wait because the savings-
Penny: Okay, are you done? Bernadette told me your apartment's ready.
Amy: I was done at "wet wall" but you wouldn't let it go.

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