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Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Engagement Reaction

Leonard: Howard and his mother are at the hospital. Come on, we gotta go.
Penny: Oh, my God! What happened?
Leonard: I don't know, I just got a text. Come on, hurry.
Penny: Okay.
Leonard: Sheldon, let's go!
Sheldon: To a hospital? Full of sick people? Oh, I don't think so.
Penny: Okay, well, your friend and his mother are there, we're going.
Sheldon: I can't.
Penny: Oh, don't tell me you're afraid of germs.
Sheldon: Not all germs. Just the ones that will kill me. It's the same way I'm not afraid of all steak knives, just the ones that might be plunged in my thorax.
Leonard: Right, fine. I'll tell Howard you didn't come because you're more concerned about your own well-being than his.
Sheldon: I would think he would know that.

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