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Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

Leonard: Sheldon...
Sheldon: Hang on. Are you now or have you ever been a salsa, Irish folk or break-dancer?
Alicia: No.
Leonard: You're making her uncomfortable.
Sheldon: Oh, I'm sorry. Well, if it helps you feel any better you're doing very well so far. Next question, are you fertile?
Alicia: What?!
Sheldon: I'm trying to determine whether crying infants above my head are a possibility.
Alicia: I have no immediate plans.
Sheldon: If that changes, let me know. And finally, area rugs, pro or con?
Alicia: Pro?
Sheldon: Alicia?
Alicia: Yes?
Sheldon: Welcome to the building.

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