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Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Irish Pub Formulation

Leonard: Priya and I are both adults. We didn't betray Raj.
Sheldon: In fact, you did, but I was referring to Howard.
Leonard: What are you talking about?
Sheldon: April 12th, 2005, Bobs Big Boy, Toluca Lake. Raj had just introduced us to Priya for the first time, and she was enjoying the sweet taste of Hindu rebellion in the form of a Bob's Super Big Boy hamburger. In order to preserve your friendship, you and Howard made a pinky swear that neither of you would attempt to woo her. I had a patty melt.
Leonard: Okay, fine, I betrayed Howard.
Sheldon: And Raj.
Leonard: Alright, and Raj.
Sheldon: And me.
Leonard: You?
Sheldon: Violation of the roommate agreement, overnight guest notification clause.

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