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Quote from Leonard in the episode The Tesla Recoil

Howard: I guess it was pretty smart using our quantum technology as the basis for a communication system.
Leonard: Be even better if he swapped out the helium for xenon.
Howard: Ooh. So instead of having to keep it at negative 271 degrees, you'd only have to keep it at negative 108. It would be way more efficient.
Leonard: And xenon has a bigger nucleus, so coherence would make it an easier signal to see.
Howard: You're brilliant!
Leonard: We should tell Sheldon.
Howard: You're an idiot! We don't tell Sheldon. We go to the military behind his back and we screw him like he screwed us.
Leonard: All right, you're right, you're right, we don't need him. We can do this all on our own.
Howard: Do you think you can do the math?
Leonard: No. But if someone else does it, I can double check the crap out of it.

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