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Quote from Georgie in the episode The Sibling Realignment

Georgie: Picking on him? Is that what he told you?
Leonard: Well, what about the time you threw away his Halloween costume?
Georgie: Well, yeah, 'cause he was gonna dress as some girl scientist.
Leonard: Madame Curie?
Georgie: Oh, I didn't know she was a madam.

Georgie Quotes

Quote from the episode The Sibling Realignment

Georgie: Hey, you've reached George Cooper. Please leave a message. Unless this is Sheldon again, in which case, please try me on my other number, 1-800-suck-it.

Quote from the episode The Tam Turbulence

Raj: Wait, wait, so you don't know what their fight was about?
Georgie: I wish I could help you, boys. But, you know, Sheldon used to keep an enemies list when he was a kid.
Leonard: Oh, he still does.
Georgie: Really? I figured that went the same way as his bathroom schedule.
Howard: If you mean digitized, annotated and put online, it did.
Georgie: Maybe that'll tell you something. Hey, while you're looking at it, if I'm still on there for peeing in his shampoo bottle - Eh, you know what, just leave it.

Quote from the episode The Tam Turbulence

Georgie: Yeah, sure, I remember Tam, Sheldon's little Vietnam buddy. The two of them were always running around together.
Leonard: So, what happened?
Georgie: What do you mean?
Leonard: Well, I mean, Sheldon never talks about him. They haven't spoken in years. He wasn't at the wedding.
Georgie: He wasn't? All right, well, this is embarrassing, 'cause I had a long conversation with someone who I thought was Tam.

'The Sibling Realignment' Quotes

Quote from Leonard

Georgie: After all my sacrifices, guess which kid my mom is the most proud of?
Leonard: If it makes you feel any better, my mom's most proud of Sheldon, too.

Quote from Georgie

Georgie: Leonard, you know how I got the money to open up my first store? I busted my ass for it, 'cause all the extra money that we had had to go to Sheldon so he could go to college and he could go study in Germany. And do you know what he's never said to me?
Leonard: Danke schon? It's, uh, "thank you" in German.
Georgie: Do you need me to sit on your head?
Leonard: Nope.

Quote from Leonard

Sheldon: Oh, maybe it's fine if she doesn't come to the wedding. I've got Amy now, and she can do everything a mom can do and more.
Leonard: Say that to her on the wedding night. Really spice things up.