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Quote from Penny in the episode The Sales Call Sublimation

Leonard: Hi.
Penny: Hey, how'd it go?
Leonard: Oh, great. Dr. Gallo is terrific. You know, I-I've always been insecure that no one cares about what I have to say, but she made me see-
Penny: Yeah, no one cares. Did you help me out or not?

Quote from Amy in the episode The Troll Manifestation

Penny: "So instead she asked if in the future Montana ever became a state."
Amy: Hey, in the 1800s that was considered flirting.

Quote from Leonard in the episode The Table Polarization

Leonard: You make a lot of sense. I like this table and I'm getting it.
Penny: Really, this one?
Leonard: That one.
*Penny nods*
Leonard: Damn right I like that one.

Quote from Barry Kripke in the episode The Tenure Turbulence

Barry Kripke: I'd love to babysit for you. Kids love me. Something about me just makes them waff and waff.

Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Parking Spot Escalation

Sheldon: Payback, it truly is the B word, isn't it?

Quote from Penny in the episode The Re-Entry Minimization

Penny: Hey, Sheldon, you're always full of fun little facts. Where did the expression get your ass handed to you come from?
Sheldon: Don't know.
Penny: I wonder if it's from like ancient Rome where they'd actually chop somebody's ass off and then go, here. You know, to appease Loseroneous, the God of losers.

Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Recombination Hypothesis

Sheldon: Leonard?
Leonard: Yeah, hi, hi. How's it going?
Sheldon: Uh, can't complain. Thanks for asking. What were you doing out at three o'clock in the morning?
Leonard: Well, uh - uh, what are you doing up?
Sheldon: I was using the bathroom.
Leonard: Yeah, well, so was I.
Sheldon: Really? I didn't see you in there.

Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Infestation Hypothesis

Sheldon: Please let me know when you and your girlfriend are done hogging the bandwidth for your self-abuse. I'm trying to stream a movie on Netflix in here.

Quote from Penny in the episode The Skank Reflex Analysis

Sheldon: What about Nebraska?
Penny: Oh hell with Nebraska. I'm gonna be a star!

Quote from Amy in the episode The Wildebeest Implementation

Leonard: You okay?
Amy: Yeah, yeah. I'm just breaking in some new shoes.
Leonard: Very pretty.
Amy: Thank you. Did you know that women wear high heels to make the buttocks and breasts more prominent?
Leonard: Hadn't really thought about it.
Amy: Look.
Leonard: Uh, sure. Very ... prominent.
Amy: Please, Leonard, don't leer. You have a girlfriend.

Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Plimpton Stimulation

Dr. Elizabeth Pimpton: Ah, Dr. Cooper, thank goodness. I completely forgot your address. But then I remembered that Id written it on my hand. Lucky for me, I didn't confuse it with what I'd written on my other hand, which are the coordinates for a newly discovered neutron star. 'cause if I tried to go there, I'd be crushed by hypergravity. Anyway, hello.
Sheldon: Hello.
Dr. Elizabeth Pimpton: Nice to finally meet you in person.
Sheldon: I would imagine it is.

Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Spaghetti Catalyst

Howard: You're either on Team Leonard or Team Penny.
Sheldon: Which one picks last?
Howard: What?
Sheldon: Well, usually I'm on the team that picks last. Unless there's a kid in the wheelchair.

Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Hofstadter Isotope

Sheldon: Just pick out anything? Maybe at the same time we can pick out a new suit for him without knowing his size, or pick out his career for him without knowing his attitude, or pick out a new breakfast cereal without knowing his fiber requirements or his feelings about little marshmallows.

Quote from Barry Kripke in the episode The Killer Robot Instability

Barry Kripke: Are you crazy? This is a street fight. The street has no rules.

Quote from Sheldon in the episode The Loobenfeld Decay

Leonard: Who are you?
Toby: I am Sheldon's cousin Leo.
Leonard: Oh, God! Sheldon does not have a cousin Leo.
Toby: Au contraire. I'm 26 years old. I'm originally from (reads off character profile) Denton, Texas, but I was a Navy brat so I was brought up on a variety of military bases around the world. As a result, I've often felt like an outsider, never really fitting in, which is probably the reason for my substance abuse problem.
Sheldon: Excuse me, we just went over this. As the quintessential middle child, your addiction is rooted in your unmet need for attention.
Toby: Oh, Sheldon, are we really going to go with pop psychology.

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