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You are viewing T-shirts worn by characters on The Big Bang Theory.

Flash Distressed Symbol T-Shirt

Flash Distressed Symbol T-Shirt wearing Flash Distressed Symbol T-Shirt
Worn in The Comic Book Store Regeneration and 12 other episodes.
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Greatest American Hero T-shirt

Greatest American Hero T-shirt wearing Greatest American Hero T-shirt
Worn in The Skywalker Incursion and 5 other episodes.

TV Test Pattern T-Shirt

TV Test Pattern T-Shirt wearing TV Test Pattern T-Shirt
Worn in The Workplace Proximity and 8 other episodes.

Number 73 T-Shirt

Number 73 T-Shirt wearing Number 73 T-Shirt
Worn in The Colonization Application and 9 other episodes.

DC Comics Heroes T-Shirt

DC Comics Heroes T-Shirt wearing DC Comics Heroes T-Shirt
Worn in The Convention Conundrum and 3 other episodes.

Aquaman Leaping T-Shirt

Aquaman Leaping T-Shirt wearing Aquaman Leaping T-Shirt
Worn in The Thanksgiving Decoupling and 9 other episodes.

Ferrous Wheel T-Shirt

Ferrous Wheel T-Shirt
Worn in The Psychic Vortex

Test Pattern T-Shirt

Test Pattern T-Shirt wearing Test Pattern T-Shirt
Worn in The Status Quo Combustion and 8 other episodes.

Flash Distressed Striped T-Shirt

Flash Distressed Striped T-Shirt wearing Flash Distressed Striped T-Shirt
Worn in The Meemaw Materialization and 9 other episodes.

Paradox T-Shirt

Paradox T-Shirt
Worn in The Luminous Fish Effect

Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt

Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt
Worn in The Big Bran Hypothesis

Batman Logo T-Shirt

Batman Logo T-Shirt wearing Batman Logo T-Shirt
Worn in The Apology Insufficiency

Periodic Table T-Shirt

Periodic Table T-Shirt
Worn in The Cooper Extraction and 16 other episodes.

Red Lantern T-Shirt

Red Lantern T-Shirt wearing Red Lantern T-Shirt
Worn in The Precious Fragmentation

Adrenaline Molecule T-Shirt

Adrenaline Molecule T-Shirt
Worn in The Wheaton Recurrence and 4 other episodes.

Superman Distressed T-Shirt

Superman Distressed T-Shirt wearing Superman Distressed T-Shirt
Worn in The Sales Call Sublimation and 2 other episodes.

Flash Hyperspeed T-Shirt

Flash Hyperspeed T-Shirt wearing Flash Hyperspeed T-Shirt
Worn in The Gorilla Dissolution and 2 other episodes.

Out Of This World T-Shirt

Out Of This World T-Shirt
Worn in The Friendship Algorithm & The Grasshopper Experiment

Green Lantern Flying X T-Shirt

Green Lantern Flying X T-Shirt wearing Green Lantern Flying X T-Shirt
Worn in The Hot Troll Deviation & The Staircase Implementation

Recycle T-Shirt

Recycle T-Shirt
Worn in The Expedition Approximation and 13 other episodes.

20 Sided Dice T-Shirt

20 Sided Dice T-Shirt wearing 20 Sided Dice T-Shirt
Worn in The Space Probe Disintegration and 4 other episodes.

Star Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars T-Shirt wearing Star Wars T-Shirt
Worn in The Proton Transmogrification

Batman & Robin T-Shirt

Batman & Robin T-Shirt wearing Batman & Robin T-Shirt
Worn in The Positive Negative Reaction and 3 other episodes.

Wesley Crushers T-Shirt

Wesley Crushers T-Shirt wearing Wesley Crushers T-Shirt
Worn in The Wheaton Recurrence

Green Arrow Bullseye T-Shirt

Green Arrow Bullseye T-Shirt wearing Green Arrow Bullseye T-Shirt
Worn in The First Pitch Insufficiency and 5 other episodes.

Batman Distressed T-Shirt

Batman Distressed T-Shirt
Worn in The Junior Professor Solution & The Gorilla Dissolution

Superman T-Shirt

Superman T-Shirt wearing Superman T-Shirt
Worn in The Anxiety Optimization & The Hook-Up Reverberation
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Converse Lo Top Sneakers

Converse Lo Top Sneakers

Star Wars Boba Fett Costume T-Shirt

Star Wars Boba Fett Costume T-Shirt
Worn in The Proton Transmogrification

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