Sheldon's Spot Flip T-Shirt

Sheldon's Spot Flip T-Shirt

Official Big Bang Theory Merchandise

An officially licensed blue t-shirt featuring the text "Ask Me How I Look When Somebody Takes My Spot" and a drawing of a couch. The t-shirt can be flipped over the head to reveal a picture of an angry looking Sheldon.

Sheldon has described his spot as "the singular location in space around which revolves my entire life". In mathematical terms, if his life were expressed as a function on a four-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, his spot, at the moment he first sat on it, would be 0,0,0,0.

His reasons for placing the spot in a state of eternal dibs are simple: In the winter, it's close enough to the radiator to remain warm and yet not so close as to cause perspiration. In the summer, it's directly in the path of a cross breeze. It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, nor so wide to create a parallax distortion.

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