Which character does Penny belong with?

  • Leonard (89,194 votes /70.8%)
  • Sheldon (19,704 votes /15.6%)
  • Howard (2,147 votes /1.7%)
  • Raj (4,428 votes /3.5%)
  • None of the guys (10,579 votes /8.4%)
  • 126,052 votes

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Leonard KE KE 7 hours ago
Leonard IN Ghaziabad, IN 10 hours ago

Comments (267)

michael United States, 13:40 Mar 22 2017.
Sheldon is best for penny
Pooky Ireland, 06:04 Jan 9 2017.
Pennys mine, dream girl
Gee United States, 22:24 Jan 2 2017.
Leonard would be better with Stephanie....nicer, smarter, better looking....
BBT BIGGEST FAN Australia, 04:28 Dec 22 2016.
penny and leonard for shore. PENNY & lEONARD 4 EVA
Nico United States, 17:03 Aug 18 2016.
Hi i like monkeys
Steve United States, 16:13 Jul 29 2016.
First I'd like to say my wife introduced me to this show about 3 months ago. I heard about it but never watched. I'm addicted to it now. Leonard belongs with Penny, it took forever for them to get married as it is. I've bought every episode they've made, can't wait for 9 to come out on blu ray. If CBS every cancels this show it will be the worst mistake they ever made.
Rebecca United States, 15:03 Jul 27 2016.
I can't believe 'The Gorilla Experiment' finished 2nd to almost ANY episode of the BBT. It's one of the funniest, most cleverly written, episodes ever written. We quote lines from it all the time. I even heard a professor mention this lecture in his medical school lecture! Every scene is golden. As many times as I've seen it, I still stop what I'm doing and watch it if I see it's on.
United States, 16:57 May 19 2016.
I would like to see penny and Leonard marry for real. They love each other very much.
DanTDM United Arab Emirates, 10:05 Feb 28 2016.
i LIKE Sheldon more than anyone but i think Leonard should be with penny
Cryptokity United States, 16:28 Jan 11 2016.
Penny and Sheldon have great acting chemistry and if Jim and Kaley end up together in real life, even better. However, I hate when plotlines tease Shenny or depict Sheldon and Penny as perfect while Amy and Leonard are depicted as manipulative and evil for comic relief. The truth is if Shenny was the ultimate endgame it should have happened already, or Sheldon should have never been given a love interest. Amy should have been introduced as another Leslie Winkle. Leonard could have even dated Amy to annoy Sheldon even further. Personally, I preferred when Leonard was in relationships with someone other than Penny (Priya, Stephanie, even Alex would have been interesting to see). He was much more confident and interesting. However, anyone including Amy, Bernadette, Priya, Alex, Stephanie, etc. that pose a challenge are quickly turned into being mean or possessive or a cheater to elevate Penny. Leonard has always pined for Penny. Even when he was dating Priya, he was upset when he thought Raj and Penny slept together. However, even though Penny doesn't seem to love Leonard, she does not like the idea of Leonard dating anyone else. That is not fair. You should not hold your partner hostage, simply because someone is threatening to interfere, if you do not truly love them. During Season 4 and 5, Sheldon genuinely respected Amy. He was jealous of Stuart and Leonard. However, during Season 6, 7, and 8, when there were no romantic threats, more "Shenny" teases and more Shamy conflict ensued. Sheldon lied to Kripke about having sex with Amy to save his reputation, but with no respect for Amy. Sheldon could have broken up at anytime if he felt it was too much pressure and the whole Shenny arc could have been established. Sheldon initiated the first breakup. They could have remained broken up. Sheldon could have broken up during the table episode despite being fed lines, because he clearly stopped repeating when Amy mentioned moving in. Sheldon mentioned breaking up in 8.1 after Amy told him it was ok he was not perfect. Sheldon is often depicted that his words are not deliberately hurtful. However, why is Sheldon allowed to be jealous or upset about Amy when he threatened multiple attempts to breakup, is willing to throw Amy under the bus, and even at one point wished she was dead? Also, Sheldon asked Penny not to hurt his friend when he found out Penny was contemplating breaking up with Leonard. Yet, Penny did not reciprocate the favor when Penny learned that Amy was debating her relationship with Sheldon. Everyone teases Amy about not getting sex, but the moment Sheldon says he is ready, everyone wonders if it is the right time for him. I wish Amy would have waited for marriage, but again Leonard and Amy just seem to be disposable. Even Stuart was likable when he dated Penny (Batman discussion with Sheldon), but he was also turned into a creepy disposable character too. Penny and Sheldon could have gotten together after 10 years of platonic friendship without ever even dating Leonard, Stuart, or Amy. To create all this angst and drama, and oscillation to breakup two long term couples, only to elevate one golden couple at the expense of other characters is unnecessary.

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