Which of the guys is the least geeky?

  • Leonard (51,929 votes /46.2%)
  • Sheldon (7,909 votes /7%)
  • Howard (14,309 votes /12.7%)
  • Raj (38,254 votes /34%)
  • 112,401 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Raj US San Jose, US 3 hours ago
Leonard US Covina, US 9 hours ago
Raj US Pacoima, US 10 hours ago
Leonard US Cheyenne, US 10 hours ago
Raj US Fairfield, US 19 hours ago

Comments (44)

love big bang United Kingdom, 14:52 Apr 7 2016.
Raj is definitely the least geeky because he chose a girl's night over playing dungeon's and dragons. he doesn't have a board and he doesn't spend all of his time talking 'sciency'.
Jodi J. United States, 21:30 Mar 18 2015.
I love Leonard but I think Raj is the least geeky.
ene Nigeria, 18:14 Mar 18 2015.
Initially I'd say Howard, but with all his brains contributions, designing space ship toilet and all other bla bla bla, and boarding the space ship as well, he's more of a geek than Raj. So, i'd say its Raj.
Jodi United States, 18:01 Oct 8 2014.
Raj is the least geeky. You don't see him on a computer, phone, or playing on Nintendo in his apartment. He doesn't have 'a board', just a spoiled dog.
Jay India, 02:51 Apr 13 2014.
Leonard is least geeky because I think Leonard has pursued a career in science due to pressure from his parents. On the other hand, Sheldon has catholic parents who really never understand his scientific endeavour, Howard has a jewish mother not interested at all in science, only Raj has parents that are doctors but he himself has managed to make a career in astrophysics.
Nathan Canada, 21:07 Apr 12 2014.
The air has oxygen in it
Lily Malaysia, 21:05 Apr 12 2014.
Why leonard is the least geeky? it supposed to be raj or howard...
Peggstergrl United States, 18:41 Apr 12 2014.
Raj is the least geeky. Leonard is up there with Sheldon in geeky. Howard just got lucky to get a girl (Bernadette). Raj is at least trying to be a normal guy, if anything he's a little more feminine than he should be especially the weird relationship he has with his dog.
michael raisen United Kingdom, 18:30 Apr 12 2014.
/what a great show
Karamjit Ireland, 16:27 Mar 4 2014.
Raj is least geeky

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