Who is the best nemesis for Sheldon?

  • Wil Wheaton (42,639 votes /46%)
  • Barry Kripke (19,161 votes /20.7%)
  • Leslie Winkle (30,840 votes /33.3%)
  • 92,640 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Barry Kripke US Englewood Cliffs, US 2 hours and 22 minutes ago
Wil Wheaton US US 3 hours ago
Leslie Winkle CO CO 5 hours ago
Barry Kripke GB Uxbridge, GB 7 hours ago
Barry Kripke IE IE 9 hours ago

Comments (42)

Jodi J. United States, 17:36 Jul 29 2015.
Bawwy is because he gets on Sheldon's nerves the quickest.
MadDuck United States, 16:53 Jul 29 2015.
How about his sisiter, Missy!!
Judy Ann Gilliam United States, 16:29 Jul 29 2015.
Barry Kripke proved to be smarter than Sheldon.That's that.
Lucky2006 United States, 23:42 Jul 18 2015.
most likely leslie cuz wil and sheldon are friends
Darryl Dean Wright United States, 12:54 Mar 29 2014.
I've written the perfect episode for this show but don't know how to get it out, any ideas? It's called; Klingon Altercation...
Allan Canada, 12:25 Mar 29 2014.
definition of Nemesis: a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent. I would have to say Leslie, with Will right behind her. Both leave Sheldon grasping at straws.
Doc United States, 16:19 Mar 28 2014.
It's a toss up between Wil and Leslie. But is seems as though Lesiie has been off the show for so long, my vote go's to Wil.
TJ  United States, 15:35 Mar 28 2014.
Penny is the one who really puts Sheldon in his place but Leslie is just as smart so she's the better nemesis. Make Sheldon REALLY kiss Penny!
James Julian Australia, 07:02 Feb 12 2014.
Leslie Winkle did it best to Sheldon - please bring her back for a guest appearance !!
pooky Ireland, 22:10 Feb 5 2014.
Will, U cant take Kripke seriously with that lisp

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