Who is most likely to survive an apocalypse?

  • Sheldon (49,203 votes /58.4%)
  • Leonard (5,910 votes /7%)
  • Penny (15,014 votes /17.8%)
  • Howard (2,861 votes /3.4%)
  • Raj (2,810 votes /3.3%)
  • Amy (4,284 votes /5.1%)
  • Bernadette (4,172 votes /5%)
  • 84,254 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Sheldon GB Falkirk, GB 3 hours ago
Penny US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Raj TR Sivas, TR 6 hours ago
Sheldon IN Chennai, IN 8 hours ago
Sheldon EE Keila, EE 10 hours ago

Comments (48)

love big bang United Kingdom, 04:02 Apr 9 2016.
Penny is street smart, tough, she can fish and hunt and she can keep her cool. Sheldon might have a great plan but he'll kind of be a baby when things go wrong.
Camille Australia, 06:11 Dec 3 2015.
Penny would survive.i can totally see her kicking ass,along with Leonard's mum .the two of them would be unbeatable .
Just lil ole me Sweden, 22:10 Nov 27 2015.
Of the guys, Sheldon and Raj are purely theoretic guys, wouldn't survive a day in the sun. Leonard probably the most street smart, but Howard can actually make things, he's an engineer; unfortunately he'd probably build a masturbation robot, or something like that. Of the girls, Penny would be raped/abused by the first guy that sees her, Amy is too nerdy and naive to get around, while Bernadette at least has balls, can yell like Howards' mother, and can think outside her biochem books.
Lukas Sweden, 04:18 Aug 23 2015.
Howard would survive, he would build something :)
Jayson Canada, 16:04 Aug 2 2015.
Penny, she's down to earth, can deal with others, can hunt. Sheldon has a plan, but will panic when things don't go his way, which will happen when the world comes to an end.
Celine France, 11:16 Jul 20 2015.
Sheldon thinks he is prepared, the reality is otherway. He sure should panic for nothing as his USB disc...
Alicia United States, 16:18 Aug 18 2014.
Best comedy on TV. All the cast are so unique.
Jay Harriss United Kingdom, 09:31 Mar 25 2014.
Sheldon because he has a plan for anything... just as long as he has the flag!
Savannah United States, 14:28 Mar 6 2014.
Sheldon may be prepared for the beginning of an apocalypse, but what happens when he runs out of his prepared supplies? He'll be screwed. Penny can take care of herself; she can hunt and fish and she's tough. Sheldon would be the obvious choice for the beginning, but in the long run, Penny wins hands-down.
A random random of randomness United States, 01:02 Jan 21 2014.
Sheldon is prepared trust me.

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