Which character would you want to be friends with?

  • Sheldon (28,056 votes /30.8%)
  • Leonard (16,547 votes /18.2%)
  • Penny (28,248 votes /31.1%)
  • Howard (3,543 votes /3.9%)
  • Raj (5,626 votes /6.2%)
  • Amy (3,896 votes /4.3%)
  • Bernadette (5,044 votes /5.5%)
  • 90,960 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Sheldon US Sun City, US 6 hours ago
Penny GB Bathgate, GB 6 hours ago
Penny GB Newry, GB 12 hours ago
Howard US Columbia, US 15:52 Oct 21 2016
Leonard IN Kharagpur, IN 07:05 Oct 21 2016

Comments (65)

Oddball United Kingdom, 07:16 Jan 8 2016.
I love Leonard,he is kind
Camille Australia, 18:47 Dec 2 2015.
Shelton would be a breath of fresh air after the people I have known.logical and not pathetic.
Mark United States, 01:00 Oct 21 2015.
As a friend I choose Howard. Yeah, he comes off as creepy, but underneath it all he is a loyal friend, funny, and the most talented - Bernadettes song.... As a, excuse me for doing this "girlfriend", from the regular cast I choose Bernadette. But from all characters ever on the show I pick Priya! Wow so gorgeous and funny and smart! Wish she would be a regular, miss her,
HE MAN India, 06:22 Sep 5 2015.
Raj is the best.INDIA is the best country among all the countries that i have visited.
Shelly United States, 08:37 Aug 12 2015.
Bernadette is the best. She's pretty, smart, and deals with stubborn people very well *cough Sheldon cough*. Also, she doesn't take any nonsense from others. Not to mention that she is hilarious. Her fake laugh is amazing and so are her facial expressions.
Lucky2006 United States, 23:35 Jul 18 2015.
sheldon is SO FUNNY!
Charlotte United States, 20:48 Jul 15 2015.
Sheldon because so cazy n fun
Jodi J. United States, 18:10 Jul 15 2015.
Amy because she's so funny. Leonard because I have a crush on him and would step right in if Penny dumped him again.
nur Spain, 16:49 Jul 15 2015.
Amy is the best
Gregory Jacob United States, 20:00 Jul 8 2015.
Bernadette might be the only character that isn't really provoked by stupidity and doesn't really get angry.

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