Which character would you want to be friends with?

  • Sheldon (28,120 votes /30.8%)
  • Leonard (16,585 votes /18.2%)
  • Penny (28,307 votes /31%)
  • Howard (3,554 votes /3.9%)
  • Raj (5,647 votes /6.2%)
  • Amy (3,916 votes /4.3%)
  • Bernadette (5,050 votes /5.5%)
  • 91,179 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Sheldon GB Rickmansworth, GB 5 hours ago
Leonard US Angleton, US 10 hours ago
Sheldon IN Pune, IN 15 hours ago
Penny DE DE 16 hours ago
Bernadette US West Milford, US 19 hours ago

Comments (65)

Oddball United Kingdom, 07:16 Jan 8 2016.
I love Leonard,he is kind
Camille Australia, 18:47 Dec 2 2015.
Shelton would be a breath of fresh air after the people I have known.logical and not pathetic.
Mark United States, 01:00 Oct 21 2015.
As a friend I choose Howard. Yeah, he comes off as creepy, but underneath it all he is a loyal friend, funny, and the most talented - Bernadettes song.... As a, excuse me for doing this "girlfriend", from the regular cast I choose Bernadette. But from all characters ever on the show I pick Priya! Wow so gorgeous and funny and smart! Wish she would be a regular, miss her,
HE MAN India, 06:22 Sep 5 2015.
Raj is the best.INDIA is the best country among all the countries that i have visited.
Shelly United States, 08:37 Aug 12 2015.
Bernadette is the best. She's pretty, smart, and deals with stubborn people very well *cough Sheldon cough*. Also, she doesn't take any nonsense from others. Not to mention that she is hilarious. Her fake laugh is amazing and so are her facial expressions.
Lucky2006 United States, 23:35 Jul 18 2015.
sheldon is SO FUNNY!
Charlotte United States, 20:48 Jul 15 2015.
Sheldon because so cazy n fun
Jodi J. United States, 18:10 Jul 15 2015.
Amy because she's so funny. Leonard because I have a crush on him and would step right in if Penny dumped him again.
nur Spain, 16:49 Jul 15 2015.
Amy is the best
Gregory Jacob United States, 20:00 Jul 8 2015.
Bernadette might be the only character that isn't really provoked by stupidity and doesn't really get angry.

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