Which character would you want to date?

  • Sheldon (15,239 votes /16.9%)
  • Leonard (15,877 votes /17.6%)
  • Penny (38,749 votes /42.9%)
  • Howard (1,708 votes /1.9%)
  • Raj (6,121 votes /6.8%)
  • Amy (2,556 votes /2.8%)
  • Bernadette (10,145 votes /11.2%)
  • 90,395 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Penny GB Falkirk, GB 3 hours ago
Amy US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Bernadette US Richmond, US 5 hours ago
Penny EE Keila, EE 10 hours ago
Leonard NL Amsterdam, NL 14:19 Mar 24 2017

Comments (78)

Temmy Johnson Nigeria, 16:36 Dec 19 2016.
Really Love Bernadette, not just about her looks but everything about her, which i could spent my entire life with her.
Pooky Ireland, 23:14 Jul 22 2016.
Bernadette is hot, just saw her in that black dress on Focus Attenuation, watch it
KnavOHarts United States, 13:30 Jun 27 2016.
After seeing Bernadette On one of the utube interviews I was surprised how cute she looks without the glasses and show makeup. Plus using her natural voice made her more attractive.
mike Brazil, 20:32 Jun 13 2016.
the character I most wanted to date would be Lucy I hope she comes back !!!
I love big bang Australia, 00:26 Mar 12 2016.
I all ways like Leonard
Camille Australia, 06:36 Dec 3 2015.
Sheldon would be the only one of the guys that wouldn't go on a date just to get a girl in the sack.
Bigfan_india India, 20:05 Nov 30 2015.
khushbu India, 02:28 Jul 2 2015.
love u all ,the big bang theory............u all rocking shally you are awesome, i wanna friendship you.... always feel happy to see u all togather.... <3<3<3
Pete Australia, 05:23 Nov 10 2014.
Melissa/Bernadette is a little hotty. She should do an episode with contacts so we see her without glasses. Then everyone can see how HOT she is. Put her in a bikini next to Penny and people will realize she is as hot as, or hotter than Penny/Kaley. Fact.
Josh Australia, 21:04 Jul 23 2014.
Penny is hot I'd date her

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