Which character would you want to date?

  • Sheldon (15,103 votes /16.9%)
  • Leonard (15,770 votes /17.6%)
  • Penny (38,331 votes /42.8%)
  • Howard (1,684 votes /1.9%)
  • Raj (6,055 votes /6.8%)
  • Amy (2,513 votes /2.8%)
  • Bernadette (10,010 votes /11.2%)
  • 89,466 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Sheldon US Memphis, US 12 hours ago
Howard US Indianapolis, US 15 hours ago
Leonard GB Grays, GB 16 hours ago
Penny IN Ernakulam, IN 21 hours ago
Leonard AU Perth, AU 07:20 Sep 25 2016

Comments (77)

Pooky Ireland, 23:14 Jul 22 2016.
Bernadette is hot, just saw her in that black dress on Focus Attenuation, watch it
KnavOHarts United States, 13:30 Jun 27 2016.
After seeing Bernadette On one of the utube interviews I was surprised how cute she looks without the glasses and show makeup. Plus using her natural voice made her more attractive.
mike Brazil, 20:32 Jun 13 2016.
the character I most wanted to date would be Lucy I hope she comes back !!!
I love big bang Australia, 00:26 Mar 12 2016.
I all ways like Leonard
Camille Australia, 06:36 Dec 3 2015.
Sheldon would be the only one of the guys that wouldn't go on a date just to get a girl in the sack.
Bigfan_india India, 20:05 Nov 30 2015.
khushbu India, 02:28 Jul 2 2015.
love u all ,the big bang theory............u all rocking shally you are awesome, i wanna friendship you.... always feel happy to see u all togather.... <3<3<3
Pete Australia, 05:23 Nov 10 2014.
Melissa/Bernadette is a little hotty. She should do an episode with contacts so we see her without glasses. Then everyone can see how HOT she is. Put her in a bikini next to Penny and people will realize she is as hot as, or hotter than Penny/Kaley. Fact.
Josh Australia, 21:04 Jul 23 2014.
Penny is hot I'd date her
Joshua Fanjoy Canada, 20:11 Jun 8 2014.
There Should Be A Valide Reason, For Attempting To Ask Someone On A Date... If There Was No Other Reason Then Nothing Else Then To Ask, Then There Should Be No Reason At All.

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