Who makes the cutest couple?

  • Leonard and Penny (40,059 votes /54.7%)
  • Sheldon and Amy (20,722 votes /28.3%)
  • Howard and Bernadette (12,427 votes /17%)
  • 73,208 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Howard and Bernadette US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Sheldon and Amy FR Audun-le-roman, FR 7 hours ago
Leonard and Penny EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago
Leonard and Penny NL Amsterdam, NL 15 hours ago
Sheldon and Amy DK Aarhus, DK 16 hours ago

Comments (89)

yurika Malaysia, 05:48 Dec 17 2016.
sheldon and amy OH MY GAWD! Freaking adorable, that moment sheldon asking amy to be his gf, night after i dream about him
Larry India, 18:29 Nov 27 2016.
I like Raj and Emily
GRRRRRRR United Kingdom, 05:41 Oct 23 2016.
Sheldon and Penny
Zephon75 United Kingdom, 14:05 Aug 22 2016.
Lenny are the cutest couple but i like all 3 canon pairings never want to see Shenny
Juj France, 14:43 Apr 8 2016.
Sheldon and penny.
Jane Button United Kingdom, 06:28 Aug 21 2015.
73 India, 10:03 Aug 5 2015.
I would've picked Howard and Raj had there been a choice.
casey United Kingdom, 15:28 May 29 2015.
Are all of you shenny people deaf. SHELDON AND PENNY ARE PLATONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TBBTislifeforJodi United Kingdom, 09:25 May 10 2015.
Come on, Shamy is adorable:*
joe n United States, 17:11 May 5 2015.
Sheldon and amy, come on, the only correct pairing for Sheldon is Sheldon and a straight jacket, locked away in a padded cell.

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