Who is your favorite character? [2012 Edition]

  • Leonard (7,886 votes /13.3%)
  • Sheldon (29,473 votes /49.8%)
  • Penny (10,033 votes /16.9%)
  • Howard (3,073 votes /5.2%)
  • Raj (3,439 votes /5.8%)
  • Amy (3,019 votes /5.1%)
  • Bernadette (1,566 votes /2.6%)
  • Stuart (737 votes /1.2%)
  • 59,226 votes

This poll was created September 27, 2012. This is an updated version of Poll #11.

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Raj HU Budapest, HU 2 hours and 24 minutes ago
Sheldon GB Falkirk, GB 3 hours ago
Sheldon US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Amy CA Milton, CA 5 hours ago
Sheldon EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago

Comments (103)

Brody United States, 12:57 Aug 10 2016.
Sheldon all the way he is what makes this show funny I love all the characters but if anyone of the other characters left the show the show could go on but if Sheldon left the show would be ruined
Bond Netherlands, 03:33 Jul 19 2016.
Sheldon and Howard are the best. AMY and PRIYA are the worst and most annoying. they are ruining the show
jean United States, 19:50 Jun 4 2016.
HOWARD!!!! I hope that when this show ends, that Howard gets a spin-off. He plays the part perfectly!!!
Jan United States, 14:25 Feb 5 2016.
Leonard. Yes, Sheldon's eccentricities are important plot devices, but without the rest of the cast to respond and react, he's a one-trick pony to me. Plus some of his schtick can be just plain mean. My favorites are Leonerd, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette, Stuart, Amy, and Sheldon. Love the recurring characters as well, such as Will, Barry, and Mary. Perfectly cast, perfect ensemble.
InLoveWithAmy United States, 02:56 Feb 1 2016.
Amy is the best to me. Her character has developed really well. She has the saddest background (well maybe that belongs to STUART). She is the nerdiest of the girls, and the funniest part of this show is the nerds. She is by all means the closest match to Sheldon, but she has a warm heart. Sheldon was funny at first, but that wore off on me pretty fast. The guy is just a selfish d*ckhead. There is no excuse for someone like that. Amy and Leonard would be a good couple. The only thing Penny has going for her is her looks. Other than that she's just a dumb, drunk wannabe actress turned drug peddler. Both Raj and Howard can be funny, but they both have this inner creepiness that is troublesome. Amy, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Bernadette, Emily, Stuart, Penny, and last and least Sheldon the narcisstic, the world is all about me Cooper. If they killed him off, I think the show would be better.
Vuyolwethu Boland Norway, 17:12 Nov 28 2015.
No.2 Definately belongs to Raj for me,everytime he appears you are guaranteed of LOL and of course the star of the show Dr.Sheldon Cooper
John B, Kenya Kenya, 06:07 Nov 3 2015.
Howard all the way. The guy is hilarious, please give him 100% more screen time
Hassan United Kingdom, 14:45 Sep 20 2015.
Howard is definitely my favourite, partly due to his mother but also because of the humour he provides. I am surprised that Bernadette is so unpopular though? I really enjoyed her in season 8
The Man United States, 00:44 Aug 20 2015.
I cant believe how many votes Leonard got, and how few Raj and Howard got. Couldn't care less about Amy and Bernadette, but I love penny.
Christi United States, 10:17 Aug 18 2015.
The show has a perfect blend of characters and if one has taken out it would leave a huge whole and would not be as brilliant as it is!!! It's the best show the n network TV!!! I wish it was two hours!!!!

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