Who is your favorite cast member? [2012 Edition]

  • Johnny Galecki (5,942 votes /11.7%)
  • Jim Parsons (20,830 votes /41.2%)
  • Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (15,965 votes /31.5%)
  • Simon Helberg (1,753 votes /3.5%)
  • Kunal Nayyar (2,122 votes /4.2%)
  • Mayim Bialik (2,272 votes /4.5%)
  • Melissa Rauch (1,344 votes /2.7%)
  • Kevin Sussman (390 votes /0.8%)
  • 50,618 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Kunal Nayyar GB Ilford, GB 8 hours ago
Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting GB Hartlepool, GB 14 hours ago
Melissa Rauch US Berlin, US 18 hours ago
Jim Parsons PE Lima, PE 00:47 Oct 20 2016
Jim Parsons US Youngstown, US 05:45 Oct 19 2016

Comments (24)

jack United Kingdom, 16:23 Apr 18 2015.
howard raj and stuart are the most underated characters in this show because without them the comedy kind of dies
akshat  India, 07:07 Nov 28 2014.
jim howard raj they are like comedy crackers but mrs wolowitz conversation with howard is also funny
Renee United States, 09:55 Oct 24 2014.
Sheldon Cooper is my all time favorite character of the series! He is a amazing character and he and Amy are the cutest couple ever!!!! GO TEAM SHELDON!
ambe United Kingdom, 09:51 Feb 24 2014.
my favourite is Sheldon cooper [Jim parsons] as he has aspersers
Rudy  United States, 00:18 Feb 6 2014.
Howard is by far the best character on the show. Pure comedy
Roberta Italy, 09:30 Feb 5 2014.
I like a lot Amy and Bernadette!
Mtheory France, 14:25 Jan 16 2014.
Sheldon & Amy, I love them so much! They're so cute!! And for me, their love affair is the most interesting and the most touching!!!!! I would love them to be a real couple in the real life!!!!!
Melissa United States, 21:06 Dec 20 2013.
My favorites are: Sheldon & Amy! I like them together on the show! Then followed by Howard & Bernadette. Then in order (high to low): Leonard, Raj & Penny.
M H United States, 02:12 Oct 5 2013.
What? Lose Amy? She is the best character of them all, followed by Raj. Don't get me wrong, I like all of them, but Sheldon drives me nuts most of the times. Since Amy came in, I don't miss an episode. Keep up the good work!
Diane Bates United Kingdom, 09:26 Sep 2 2013.
Jim Parsons is a wonderful actor and has created a unforgetable character in Sheldon, but he has lost his mojo since Amy, he acts best with Kaley. Please lose the Amy character ! she has so diminished Sheldon !

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