Which character would you want in an emergency? [2013 Edition]

  • Sheldon (6,271 votes /22.8%)
  • Leonard (6,342 votes /23.1%)
  • Penny (7,745 votes /28.2%)
  • Howard (709 votes /2.6%)
  • Raj (783 votes /2.8%)
  • Amy (2,177 votes /7.9%)
  • Bernadette (3,111 votes /11.3%)
  • Stuart (340 votes /1.2%)
  • 27,478 votes

This poll was created April 13, 2013. This is an updated version of Poll #18.

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Raj IN Thane, IN 17 hours ago
Amy US Schaumburg, US 20:09 Feb 24 2017
Sheldon KW KW 16:07 Feb 24 2017
Amy GB GB 13:07 Feb 24 2017
Sheldon AU Waterways, AU 02:18 Feb 24 2017

Comments (71)

srushty  India, 05:32 Sep 26 2014.
Bernadette is so awesome she's like a wolverine she would look at the troublr maker and set him straight with just one scolding
Andrew United States, 16:56 Sep 25 2014.
Leonard would get things done! He has been the person taking care of trouble matter caused by others! Anyone who can handle Sheldon and sleeping with Penny, he is a saint and savior in my dictionary!
Jey Philippines, 19:35 Aug 18 2014.
hhmm, depend on the emergency I suppose...Can I atleast have 2??! plus, After the emergency I would like to live with Raj. He is sweet and sensitive.
BLADE United Kingdom, 14:48 Aug 5 2014.
I just can not have just one as I would want them all
Dr. Bruce Banner India, 05:45 Jul 18 2014.
Depends on the emergency. If it's fixing a bug in the L.H.C. 20 minutes before an experiment, Sheldon. If broken ulna, Leonard. If patching up with a girlfriend, Penny, and so on. Not Bernadette or Howard under any circumstances.
Why do you want to know my name, stalker! United States, 17:08 Apr 26 2014.
If it were an emergency that brains, amy because she is smart but wouldn't freak out. If it required brawn, I would be screwed.
Angelith Trinidad And Tobago, 19:48 Mar 12 2014.
Penny has got street sense and in an emergency she can handle her stories.
cami Chile, 01:10 Mar 12 2014.
I guess it would depend in the emergency
Alyn United States, 21:22 Mar 11 2014.
Sheldon worries will be firgotten lol
Andy mc United Kingdom, 18:28 Mar 11 2014.
I would go with Bernadette as she would know what to do in any given situation, where as Sheldon would just let you get on with it Ashe is always smarter than any one else LOL

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