Which character are you most like? [2013 Edition]

  • Sheldon (9,559 votes /34%)
  • Leonard (6,482 votes /23%)
  • Penny (4,124 votes /14.6%)
  • Howard (1,465 votes /5.2%)
  • Raj (2,120 votes /7.5%)
  • Amy (1,697 votes /6%)
  • Bernadette (2,001 votes /7.1%)
  • Stuart (707 votes /2.5%)
  • 28,155 votes

This poll was created April 15, 2013. This is an updated version of Poll #29.

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Sheldon US San Jose, US 4 hours ago
Sheldon EE Keila, EE 9 hours ago
Leonard IN Dhanbad, IN 17 hours ago
Sheldon US Braddock, US 21 hours ago
Amy NL Amsterdam, NL 14:20 Mar 24 2017

Comments (104)

Camille Australia, 06:45 Dec 3 2015.
Bernadette. My sister is so like Leonard's mum ,it creeps me out whenever I see her on the show.
boo United Kingdom, 11:41 Jan 3 2015.
I think all of them are great as the have different personalities but if if had to pick it would e sheldon
Ethan goeske United Kingdom, 09:55 Sep 13 2014.
I picked sheldon
Violet Australia, 08:05 Jun 11 2014.
Before I even knew the show existed, so many people were telling me that I am just like Sheldon, and I was just thinking "Who is Sheldon?" "What is The Big Bang Theory??" Eventually, a person from school showed me season 2 of the show. Then I realised that people were right about me being like Sheldon in so many ways! I don't understand sarcasm, all my conversations must have closure, I am quite picky about certain things(one of these being where I sit- I'm not making this up!), though I love to be around others, I also love my alone-time, am very opinionated, rarely use slang, correct people's grammar(and love to have my grammar corrected when it is wrong at times,) and although I do not go about announcing random facts to other people, I find them very interesting and always want to know more. I've never admitted this before, but I do think highly of myself and truly believe that I am superior to most people out there, but as mentioned before, I do not go around bragging about myself and how great I am; I actually hate it when people do that. There are also many other little things that make me a lot like him, such as the scene where he went off to return the Star Wars sheets because they are too stimulating for him to sleep. There are also a lot of things he says or arguments he makes that I relate to. I can't think of any quotes in particular, but there have been many times where Sheldon would say something and I would just be thinking "YES! That's right! I couldn't agree more!!" and the other characters would just roll their eyes or argue with him, ha ha ha. I wish I knew someone else who acted like Sheldon. I seriously feel like I am the only one out there who has this much in common with him, and it kind of hurts me that so many people see a lot of these traits as a bad thing. I'm not like him in every single way, though. I just happen to have quite a few of his traits.
Carolyn Love United States, 19:02 May 31 2014.
This show keeps me together and confident in my daily life, don't ask me how or why, I can't believe I am this hooked, I just feel so good when they are on my TV and of course I LOVE SHELDON and want him to be mine, and I think Jim Parsons is just the same as Sheldon in many ways, so I love them both.
Marina Italy, 16:16 Apr 21 2014.
everybody's greats!!!!
James Johnson United States, 21:29 Apr 11 2014.
Leonard and Raj are my favorite charactors on their I wonder what it would be like to work with them.
cece United States, 20:49 Apr 10 2014.
I love this show so much I hope it never stops keep bringing us new shows
poshan India, 02:05 Apr 10 2014.
This is best show.
Mibi Germany, 20:25 Mar 27 2014.
all of them are absolutley great! Love this Show and like to watch it every single day!!! Please do not stop - Germany loves them. But I have to complain 1 Thing: Why do the starts do not visit Germany for a con or something else? We would love to welcome all of them here in Germany!

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