Episode 3.21 Ratings Posted May 11, 2010

Episode 3.21 Ratings

Last night's episode finished first in key demographics, delivering the night's best showings with adults 18-49 and other key demos.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by 13.58m people, up by 1.95m from last week's episode. The show came second in households and total viewers, settling behind ABC behemoth Dancing with the Stars.

The Big Bang Theory delivered a 5.2/13 rating with adults 18-49, up 13% from last week. The show also recorded a 6.2/14 adults 25-54, an improvement of 15% over last week. Big Bang also set a 3.6/10 rating in adults 18-34, up 6% from last week.

The Big Bang Theory also managed to build on lead-in Two and a Half Men in the key demographics. Men scored a 4.6/12 rating with adults 18-49, against Big Bang's 5.2/13. Bang also posted higher numbers with adults 18-34 and 25-54.

More about the episode

'The Plimpton Stimulation' - Season 3, Episode 21
Airs May 10, 2010 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon invites a noted female physicist to stay at the apartment. While Sheldon is only interested in her mind, she garners a different kind of attention from the rest of the guys.

Comments (5)

MB Norway, 16:09 May 18 2010.
sry, I ment episode 20
MB Norway, 15:21 May 18 2010.
The best episode I've seen in a long time. Good one. Reason, the change in Sheldans humor
CS China, 02:07 May 15 2010.
First half is fun, but when Dr. Plimpton starts taking off her robe, it goes to nasty. Then nasty till the end of episode. I quoted above Judy's word "nasty". That's exactly what I feel.
CJ United States, 00:16 May 12 2010.
I don't mind when one of the guys dates. But the key word is "dates." What was that? And when I say "guys," that does not include Sheldon. Sheldon should never "date." It's illogical.
Judy United States, 15:25 May 11 2010.
I am sorry to say that Monday's episode (May 10) was awful. I used tell everyone about this show, but now I am telling them to "forget it"! Just down right nasty and not up to its delightful previous episodes. When Leonard starting sleeping with Penny--I feel it lost all of its credibility. Please go back to the "cute" episodes that made me LOL!

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