Comic-Con News Roundup Posted July 12, 2011

Comic-Con News Roundup

The Big Bang Theory cast and crew will be attending their fourth Comic-Con later this month. There will be a Big Bang Theory panel and an autograph signing on Friday, July 22nd.

According to Big Bang Theory executive producer and co-creator Bill Prady, there will be exclusive Comic-Con only Big Bang Theory swag and giveaways. Some of the promotional merchandise has now been revealed. CBS has announced that Mystic Warlords of Ka'a cards will be unveiled at the event. 

TV Guide Magazine and Warner Bros. have teamed up to produce a special WB-themed Comic-Con issue. The magazine will be distributed with four collectible covers, including a special Big Bang Theory cover. The magazines will initially be available at the WB stands at Comic-Con, but will be on sale from July 21–28 wherever TV Guide Magazine is stocked. All four collectible magazines can also be ordered within the U.S. from the TV Guide Magazine website.

Comments (5)

bluebanana United States, 01:45 Oct 25 2011.
hopefully i can see these guys at the comic con next year! cant wait!
hRf Canada, 03:17 Jul 27 2011.
i'm beginning to fall in love with these guys and gals
Aman Lalka India, 09:36 Jul 22 2011.
haha,i love this show and its characters,but i am unlucky since i live in mumbai,india,i cant wait for the 5th season to come out,i have all of you're episodes! the big bang theory is awesome!
shannon mcquaid United States, 07:38 Jul 13 2011.
hello this is great
epicmechanic Singapore, 04:45 Jul 13 2011.
i'd so like to order the magazine but i don't stay in the US! do they ship overseas??

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