Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 9)

Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 9)

For a round-up of how The Big Bang Theory has performed in various ratings over the last week, head over to our forums to read the weekly update from Rick K.

This week's update includes a look at the Live +7-Day DVR ratings for the sixth week of the season, the weekly rankings for the eighth week of the new season, an update on The Big Bang Theory's ratings in syndication, and a comparison between last season and this season's ratings so far.

  Posted November 23 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

Tags: ratings, Season 7.

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Ester Spain, 14:21 Nov 25 2013.
I don't know if you know that this week is Thanksgiving, that is the reason why there is no episode.
progressogringo Belize, 12:33 Nov 25 2013.
You have become too self important. Two weeks on and one week off...What is this new trend. This is the third time now. And that 4 month break. Who do you think you are? Maybe you shouldn't have gotten those raises, they seem to have gone to your heads. GET BACK TO WORK - OR GET OFF THE STAGE!!

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