7.20 'The Relationship Diremption' Ratings

7.20 'The Relationship Diremption' Ratings

Last night's The Big Bang Theory ranked first in its time slot and finished as the night's most-watched and highest rated broadcast. The show's ratings were down week-to-week, tracking the decline in overall TV viewership in the spring.

This week's episode, "The Relationship Diremption", had 16.29m viewers, down from last week's 17.73m audience. The Big Bang Theory had a dominant 4.7/17 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic, down by two tenths from the previous episode's 4.9/18. The Big Bang Theory was first in all key ratings for its time period.

For a look at how The Big Bang Theory has performed in other ratings this week, head over to our forums to read the weekly ratings update from Rick K.

  Posted April 11, 2014 in The Big Bang Theory.

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llouise Spain, 06:26 Apr 15 2014.
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pansal , 15:26 Apr 12 2014.
until now , the best episode for me is still the Pants Alternative from season 3. it was historical!

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