The Big Bang Theory: Season 7 DVD

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Enjoy the complete seventh season of The Big Bang Theory again on DVD and Blu-ray. The three-disc DVD box-set contains all twenty-four episodes of the 2013/14 season along with new bonus features, including a gag reel and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

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Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 30)

Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 30)

For a round-up of how The Big Bang Theory has performed in various ratings over the last week, head over to our forums to read the weekly update from Rick K. The ratings guide also includes the schedule for upcoming broadcasts and tapings of The Big Bang Theory.

This week's update includes a look at the Live +7-Day DVR ratings for the twenty-seventh week of the season, an update on the weekly rankings for the twenty-ninth week of the season, a look at the show's ratings in syndication for week twenty-nine, an update on the ratings for Thursdays reruns, and a look at the ratings for network TV's top sitcoms.

  Posted April 19 2014 in The Big Bang Theory.

Tags: ratings, Season 7.

Comments (3)

JAMES HOHIMER United States, 17:54 May 17 2014.
I have a show idea for TBBT. Does anyone know whom I should contact? Thanks;
Astrid  Australia, 07:06 Apr 23 2014.
HEllO BIG BANG CAST!! I love your show I am the biggest fan EVER! I love everyone who plays apart in the show <3 - Love Astrid
Gary Anderson, Salem, Oregon United States, 17:58 Apr 22 2014.
The program is well written and acted but the constant laugh track is repulsive. I don't have to be reminded when to laugh. I know what your response would be "if it aint broke, dont fix it"

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