903 'The Bachelor Party Corrosion' Pictures Posted September 23, 2015

We have added pictures from the October 5 episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Bachelor Party Corrison", to our gallery. Keith Carradine reprises his role as Wyatt, Penny's father.

In the episode, the guys head off to Mexico on a physics-themed bachelor party for Leonard, but their brains are put to the test when they get a flat tire. Meanwhile, Amy and Bernadette force Penny to finally tell her dad that she and Leonard got married in Vegas.

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'The Bachelor Party Corrosion' - Season 9, Episode 3
Airs October 5, 2015 at 8/7c on CBS.

When the guys head off to Mexico to throw a belated bachelor party for Leonard, their science skills are put to the test when their van gets a flat tire. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Amy pressure Penny to finally tell her parents she eloped with Leonard during her low-key bachelorette party.

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big joe United States, 13:55 Oct 14 2015.
well it didn't take long, the first 3 episodes were great then bam back to lyour bull----. come on, Lenard and penny living whith Sheldon, worst senerio imaginable. I had big hopes for season 9, but now I worried its going to turn into another season 8. I see that the next episode dose not address the sick situation of Lenard and penny living with that baby asshat Sheldon. come on writers, there only moving across the hall not to florida or something, get real. you really are sick you -------- writers, first having Sheldon going on their honeymoon, then guilting them into living with him. Sheldon gets his way all the time all the time, all the time, STOP IT. let Lenard and penny have a life of their own, please. I know writing this is like spitting in the ocean, the writers don't listen to us fans, what they want is what we get, what a damn shame. get some new writers PLEASE
hugefan United Kingdom, 21:46 Oct 7 2015.
Huge big bang fan but dis season I have found laughter hard to come by.... seriously disappointed at how dull it is and last season was a decent season but nothing like d hilarious 7 seasons b4 it
big joe United States, 16:55 Oct 7 2015.
great start for seSON 9,im very happy with how the stosry lines are going, for those of you who just want silliness go read a comic book. please stay jon track with the story lines, so far its been great, I did a lot of complaining about season 8 because it really had some stinker episodes, more bad than good, but this year you are starting off great. please keep up the good work.
Kasia , 05:26 Oct 7 2015.
I love BBT but to make the episodes more interesting, I think Howard's dad should be brought into the program, especially after his mother's death, that would make sense! Just a thought :-)
Sheen Canada, 23:21 Oct 5 2015.
One of the funniest episode!I am still laughing. Best sitcom ever!
Dan F Canada, 20:04 Oct 5 2015.
I am watching 'the Batcher party' I am a little concerned that they stole a STOP sign as leverlike WTF????
Rachel Heller United States, 16:35 Sep 29 2015.
The 2nd episode was funnier than the first episode. I'm glad that the Mandy issue is taken care of, for the forseeable future. Lenny seems to be fine for now. Shamy needs to sit down and talk it out. I give the episode a B .
Paul United States, 20:57 Sep 28 2015.
This used to be my favorite show. What happened this year? First two shows of the season are not funny. Is this the beginning of the end of this show?
Paul Canada, 20:18 Sep 28 2015.
The plot lines in the first two episodes of this year are stupid. I am not going to watch for a while until you get the writers back on track. they used to do good work

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