UK: Save 10% on The Big Bang Theory merchandise Posted February 23, 2017

UK: Save 10% on The <em>Big Bang Theory</em> merchandise

To celebrate the return of The Big Bang Theory: Season 10 to UK screens, we have teamed up with to give UK fans ten percent off on the range of officially licensed The Big Bang Theory t-shirts. stock a large range of officially licensed The Big Bang Theory t-shirts along with tees inspired by Sheldon's wardrobe. The officially licensed range of The Big Bang Theory t-shirts include designs based on Sheldon's catchphrase "Bazinga!", his "Friendship Algorithm", and some of his most memorable quotes including "I cry because other people are stupid and it makes me sad."

To get ten percent off on The Big Bang Theory merchandise at, just use the coupon code BBT10 at checkout.

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The tenth season of The Big Bang Theory continues Thursday, February 23 at 8:30 on E4.

Comments (11)

linda Canada, 11:08 Feb 25 2017.
Really like the show but getting real tired of sheldon
Roy Myklebust - Norway Norway, 13:28 Feb 23 2017.
Jim Parsons should seriously pursue a role as a new Fawlty Towers, American style. He could so do John Cleese as Basil Fawlty. Silly walk and all. Not necessarily a TV show but definitely a movie.
Paul evans United Kingdom, 14:40 Jan 19 2017.
I think like all shows bbt has its qourkes mind the spelling but its so funny puts me in laughter all the time when its on they should most definetly carry on carnt wait for season 11
mario United States, 16:30 Sep 13 2016.
Did anyone see Kaley Cuoco interview on Jimmy Kimmel show last night? She intimated that if BBT is renewed for an 11th season it is going to take alot of money. And she thinks that 10 yrs is probably enough. This is contrary to what she stated only months ago saying that all concerned wants to be back. This woman is certainly an enigma to figure out. Could it be just frustration that the contracts have not been signed yet or is it that maybe he BF is pulling her into the equestrian world to go pro?
mario United States, 12:55 Sep 12 2016.
According to EP Molaro there will be some movement on the Shamy front. It has been hinted that Sheldon and Amy will "experiment" with living together, which will finally allow Leonard and Penny to move permanently across the hall and have some needed privacy. I certainly hope this is true as this threesome living together has definitely run its course and Sheldon has to grow up and take charge of his life. It can certainly lead to many comedic situations and Penny and Leonard might have to take the spare key away from Sheldon so he does not burst in on them as he is so prone to do
big joe United States, 14:47 Jun 3 2016.
I totally agree with patricia that Sheldon and amy should get married then Lenard and penny can finally get away from Sheldon and have a life of their own, and let amy put up with that asshat and then she might see what she got herself into. what an awaking that would be. WOW
patricia caissie United States, 01:59 Apr 21 2016.
I love the show. I watch the reruns thousands of times. id like to see amy/sheldon get married. and raj finally settle down. bring back more of sheldon,leonard, penny, bernadette, parents.
Bharat Sangam Easwar , 12:28 Mar 19 2016.
It is eerie how much my 12 year old is similar to Sheldon Cooper.Even his sense of humour and pet peeves are identical.The way he frames his long complicated technically perfect sentences makes me wonder if I'm watching BBT live.
Chelsea Fernandez United States, 16:19 Mar 18 2016.
I'm a really huge fan of the Big Bag Theory. Sheldon Cooper reminds me so much of me.
sharon wallace United Kingdom, 14:14 Dec 11 2015.
Can Penny please cheer up in 2016 she is miserable, and coming across as really spiteful, she is ruining the show I love for me and other fans, please someone do something

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