Bob Newhart returning to The Big Bang Theory Posted November 11, 2015

Bob Newhart returning to The Big Bang Theory

Veteran comedic actor Bob Newhart will reprise his role as Professor Proton/Arthur Jeffries in a December episode of The Big Bang Theory. This will mark the fourth appearance of Bob Newhart, who first guest starred in the sixth season episode "The Proton Recurrence".

Newhart last appeared on The Big Bang Theory in the seventh season episode "The Proton Transmogrification", in which Arthur passed away. On the day of Professor Proton's funeral, which fell on the May 4th - "Star Wars Day", Sheldon had a dream in which Professor Proton returned to him as a Jedi to offer him some sage advice.

Professor Proton's Star Wars-inspired return, which is set to air Thursday, December 17, will come just hours before the much anticipated new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theaters.

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john norman United States, 19:14 Nov 18 2015.
ine the opening theme song of your very good and entertaining show it says ..."nearly 14 million years ago expansion started..." Surely you are aware it should be 14 BILLION YEARS AGO, no?
gwhh United States, 13:41 Nov 18 2015.
Susyal Argentina, 03:23 Nov 18 2015.
I am soooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don C. Reed United States, 15:47 Nov 12 2015.
I love THE BIG BANG THEORY because it respects science-- and is consistently hilarious. Here is a piece I just did for Huffington Post:
Rachel Heller United States, 21:31 Nov 11 2015.
Bob Newhart is back. Yeah, humor awaits Parsons and Newhart are comedy gold.
Dawn Shepard United States, 19:47 Nov 11 2015.
Not liking the direction the show is going in. Instead of having Sheldon and Amy moving into together and stay in separate rooms discovering things about each other. Having Amy sneaking over to Penny for advice that sounds so much better . Just saying.
Chuck United States, 16:36 Nov 11 2015.
The December 17th show should be a scream and a half with Bob Newhart reprising his "Jedi" roll since the new Star Wars movie comes out that week.

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