Guest Star: Robert Clotworthy

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  • The Launch Acceleration

    The Launch Acceleration
    Season 5, Episode 23 - Aired May 3, 2012

    Howard and Bernadette's wedding plans are put in flux when NASA first cancel Howard's mission to space, and then bring it forward. Meanwhile, Penny is thrown for a loop by a comment Leonard makes in the bedroom.

    Appeared as Dave Roeger (v.o.)

  • The Graduation Transmission

    The Graduation Transmission
    Season 8, Episode 22 - Aired April 23, 2015

    When Leonard is set to give the commencement address at his former high school, a canceled flight threatens to stop him giving the speech. Meanwhile, Howard's engineering skills are tested when he and Sheldon try fix Raj's toy helicopter, while Raj plays his parents against each other after his father cuts him off financially.

    Appeared as Headmaster Edwards

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