Episode Titles: Disintegration

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  • The Rothman Disintegration

    The Rothman Disintegration
    Season 5, Episode 17 - Aired February 16, 2012

    When an office at the University becomes available, Sheldon and his archnemesis, Barry Kripke, compete for it. Meanwhile, Amy gets Penny an extravagant gift that makes her feel uncomfortable.

  • The Space Probe Disintegration

    The Space Probe Disintegration
    Season 8, Episode 12 - Aired January 8, 2015

    When Penny and Amy feel Leonard and Sheldon force them to embrace their interests but never return the courtesy, the girls take Sheldon and Leonard along as they go shopping for dresses. The experience highlights the benefits of compromise for Sheldon and Leonard, opening the door for a change in their living situations. Elsewhere, as Raj nervously waits for the results of a space probe he helped to launch, Howard tries to take his mind off it.