Episode Titles: Friendship

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  • The Friendship Algorithm

    The Friendship Algorithm
    Season 2, Episode 13 - Aired January 19, 2009

    Sheldon wants to use the university's grid computer for his research, but access to the computer is controlled by Barry Kripke who apparently favors his friends. Sheldon decides to befriend Kripke, but struggles from a lack of experience in making friends. Treating this like any other scientific inquiry, Sheldon studies up and develops a friendship algorithm.

  • The Friendship Contraction

    The Friendship Contraction
    Season 5, Episode 15 - Aired February 2, 2012

    When Leonard grows tired of Sheldon's selfish demands, he terminates the roommate agreement and downgrades their friendship. Meanwhile, Wolowitz tries to pick his own astronaut nickname.

  • The Friendship Turbulence

    The Friendship Turbulence
    Season 7, Episode 17 - Aired March 6, 2014

    When a spat breaks out between Howard and Sheldon, Bernadette tries to bring peace to the group, leading Howard and Sheldon to fly to Texas together. Meanwhile, after Penny's car breaks down she wonders whether she'll have to get her job back at the Cheesecake Factory or take an embarrassing movie role. Raj seeks Amy's help in contacting a potential mate on an internet dating site.