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Quote from Missy in the episode The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Amy: It's so nice to meet you.
Missy: ­Aw.
Amy: I've always wanted a sister.
Sheldon: Really? Why?
Missy: I love you, too, Sheldon.
Leonard: Really? Why?

Missy Quotes

Quote from the episode The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Mary: You'll have to excuse her. She's just pregnant and hormonal.
Raj: Oh, yeah, congratulations on baby number two.
Missy: Yeah. Whoopie.

'The Bow Tie Asymmetry' Quotes

Quote from Amy

Amy: So are you feeling okay? No wedding jitters?
Sheldon: No. There is nothing in the world that would stop me from marrying you tomorrow, even me from the future coming back to prevent the wedding and the subsequent birth of a child who will destroy humanity.
Amy: Because if you came from the future, that would mean you already went through with the wedding because you believe that time travel is on a closed loop.
Sheldon: I love you so damn much.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Amy, I usually know exactly what to say. But in this moment I have no words.
I guess I'm overwhelmed by you. In a good way. Not in the elevator in the Haunted Mansion way. Even if I can't tell you now how I feel, I will spend my life showing you how much I love you.

Quote from Leonard

Sheldon: Are you having an allergic reaction to my boutonniere?
Leonard: No. I'm just so happy for you. And for me. After today, you are officially - and, more important, legally - Amy's problem.
Sheldon: Don't be silly, Leonard. I will always be your problem.