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Quote from Tam in the episode The Tam Turbulence

Tam: New neighbor?
Penny: Oh, hi.
Tam: Hi.
Sheldon: Hi.
Tam: Hi.
Sheldon: Hi.

Tam Quotes

Quote from the episode The Tam Turbulence

Sheldon: Yes.
Leonard: Uh, I'm Leonard Hofstadter. I called you about the apartment. You said-
Tam: Tell him to go away. You already have a roommate.

Quote from the episode The Tam Turbulence

Penny: Tam, look. Sheldon's hugging me.
Tam: It's a Saturnalia miracle.

Quote from the episode The Tam Turbulence

Leonard: I'm glad you guys made up.
Sheldon: Well, I realized my life turned out great, and it's silly to hold a grudge.
Tam: And I had no idea we were fighting, so it was easy.

'The Tam Turbulence' Quotes

Quote from Amy

Amy: I tried to ask him about it, and he invoked section three, article five of the marriage contract: beeswax comma none of your.

Quote from Bernadette

Bernadette: Look, I think that's LeBron over there.
Penny: James?
Bernadette: No, LeBron Kershenbaum.

Quote from Amy

Amy: Who's Tam?
Sheldon: He was my best friend in the whole world growing up.
Amy: Really? Why have I never heard you mention him before?
Sheldon: Oh, of course I have. I'm sure I've mentioned him, like, five times this week.
Amy: I don't think you have.
Sheldon: Tam! Tam! Tam! Tam! Tam! There, it's only Thursday.
Amy: I didn't just drink the crazy milk, I bought the crazy cow.